The three “i”s of creating brand awareness

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…as taught by Copacino+Fujikado Ad Agency.

eyeI recently attended a group interview with Copacino+Fujikado, one of the leading advertising agencies in Seattle, Washington.  They presented the three “i”s that, if executed efficiently, will lead to a successful ad campaign and an increase in brand awareness.

The first step in this process is Insight. This step involves research both with the company and with those who are directly affected by the company. This involves interviewing company leaders and employees, customers and general public. Through effective research, you can learn the essentials about what the product or brand means to the company internally and to the customers themselves.

The key to this step is making a connection between these two findings.  It doesn’t matter how much you know about the product or company nor does it matter what you know about consumer trends unless you can put the two ideas together.  This is the insight: finding the connection between what the company offers and what the consumer wants.

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Innovation, which is the next step, involves finding creative, non-traditional means to convey the ideas that were discovered in the “insight” step.  This step involves finding a creative way to “tell the story” of the company, brand, or product. This step is where the main purpose and plan for the campaign really starts to take shape.  As you come up with good ideas, strive to be original and innovative.

The final step is Integration. This involves taking the big ideas and the innovative and creative ways of portraying the desired message and distributing it across a wide range of media.  The ideas should be utilized in the most effective forms of media. That means if you are trying to target a younger generation, use facebook, mobile advertising, interactive media, and other social media.  If you are targeting parents, use magazines or television advertisements.

Integration also involves research to tell you what the most effect ways to place your message are.  Research where people visit online and how they react to particular advertisements.

Following these three steps has made Copacino+Fujikado one of the most successful advertising agencies in the area.  Following these three steps will also help you as you strive to increase brand awareness whether for your personal business and services or for business clientele. What other techniques have you found to increase brand awareness and boost camapign effectiveness?

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  1. If I may expand this list to five “I’s”

    Identify: Absorb the goals of the project and explore the possibilities implied, formulate a number of specific design directions the project may take. Then, through an iterative process which intimately involves the client, focus the direction on the right solution.

    Implement. End by executing on all aspects of the project, focusing on converting the approved designs into reality and confirming that all stated project goals, budgets and schedules are met. This culminates everything into a streamlined campaign.

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