Doing things you’re scared of makes you grow — in business, too

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When we’re faced with scary situations in business & life, our instinct is often to shy away from them. But what would happen if we didn’t? In today’s video, learn how embracing your fears can help you and your business grow in ways you’ve never imagined.


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Have you had to face scary decisions in your business? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


Prefer text? Here’s the full transcript:

When my partner David and I were 20, 8 years ago, we left college to start our first business, our creative agency, Unexpected Ways.

This was the first really scary decision we faced as business owners, and it wasn’t easy at all. Everyone around us told us we should stay in college, and get our degree – what’s two more years, right? – and on top of that, because I decided to leave after the first week of school, I had to pay $3000 just for leaving.

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But having gone to college for two years already, we really saw that it wasn’t going to teach us what we needed to know to run a business… so we left.

This was freaking scary. And when I say scary I mean I was practically having a non-stop panic attack for three days, I cried all day, and I just felt like the earth was crumbling beneath my feet. This was a huge choice for me to make about my future and what I wanted to with it.

At the end of the day, it felt right. And because it felt right we had to do it. Of course, it worked out, shortly after we got a project, for $3000 no less, but little did we know this was only the first in a line of many, many very scary decisions we’ve had to make as business owners.

I feel like when you choose this path for yourself, of entrepreneurship or freelancing, you automatically put yourself in a situation where you’re just naturally going to be faced with more things that scare you. And I think as much as we resist that sometimes, by choosing this for our lives…

There’s a part of us that knows that we can really handle it and how beautiful it truly is.

These things can be big or small: they can be something like leaving college, or setting a boundary with a client, walking away from a client, starting a new business or service, moving to another city or country… so many different things can come up on this path.

But they all have something in common – when you don’t shy away from the challenge, when you look the fear, the abyss, right in the face, and walk straight through it, even though you’re shaking in your boots, you find out exactly how strong you are. And you grow SO much. You can grow more from facing one scary business decision than 10 pleasant ones.

Because you see, the “negative” things are not there to hurt you.

They’re not there to discourage you or push you away from your passion, from what you love and what you want to do in your life.

They’re there to help you, to train you, to propel you forward and get you ready for the next big thing around the corner that is so beautiful, and wonderful, and amazing, and fulfilling, that without going through the challenges, you just wouldn’t be ready for it.

I can’t tell you how many times when we’ve faced a scary decision and did it anyway, I’d look back and say – wow, I really don’t know how I would have been able to get to where I am right now without going through that experience.

So next time something scary comes up in your life, or in your business, and you just know in your gut it’s the right thing to do – remember: take a deep breath and walk right into the fear. It’s there to help you, train you, and guide you forward towards your dreams.

Have you had to face scary decisions in your business? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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  1. This was great to hear today as I’m just about to launch a new side to my business which has been very scary. I love having the option of video too as I can listen to the story while working. Thanks guys xx


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