Three rungs on the creative ladder of success

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ladderClimbing the ladder of success in the creative industry  can be a tricky journey. In February, I visited WONGDOODY, a creative agency in Seattle, Washington where I asked Shaun Moshay, an account director at WONGDOODY, what three attributes I should possess if I wanted have his job some day. More or less, this is what he told me:

Rung #1. Demonstrate Writing Skills.
Working at a creative agency doesn’t mean just designing or simply brainstorming all day. It involves writing emails, giving daily reports, writing copy for ads, and more, especially for those who work with the clients on a daily basis.  Having a basic understanding of good grammar concepts and professional writing styles is a must when working in any creative field.

Rung #2. Exercise Organizational Skills.

This step involves time management, project management, stress management and, basically, life management.  Learn how to organize your life. Start with something simple like organizing the files on your computer or that space under your desk. (Yes that space.) The more you organize, the more you’ll find your time increases, stress levels decrease, and your overall productivity will soar.

Rung #3.  Be well-rounded.
There are two ways most people go about working at their job. They try to be the best of the best in one field and leave the rest out to dry, or they strive to be good at everything and, many times fall short of the mark.  We all can’t be perfect at everything. But we can know a little about everything at the least.  Choose something that is your specialty. Whether you are a graphic design guru, a web master, or a genius wordsmith, be the best at what you love most. After you develop that skill above all the rest, continue to investigate other realms of creativity. This will help you stay well-rounded thus insuring you know what to say when a client asks you specific questions outside your area of expertise.

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There you have it, three rungs to be sure and start your climb up on the ladder of success in the creative industry.  If working in a creative field is something you want to do, obey these three rules to put you even further ahead in the game.

What other suggestions would you add?

This article was written in March of 2009, edited and republished for a more recent posting.

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  1. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

  2. I agree with the point about being well-rounded, but the flip side is that you also have to excel in at least one niche. You have to be someone’s (your boss’s, your client’s, your teammates’) first choice for SOMETHING.

  3. Everyone really wants some good way of stress management. Yoga and meditation are good.-:-

  4. you can do some personal stress management at home by practicing yoga’~’


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