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Turn your design passion into a steady profit in just 11 days (ebook)

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If you’ve been putting off starting your own design business for a long time now, you’re not alone.

A few months ago, designers across the world joined together to enroll in From Passion to Profit, a premium email course we offered as a one-time offer here at Millo.

Because the course was such a success and so helpful for so many designers, today, I am excited to announce the brand new From Passion to Profit ebook!

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From Passion to Profit is a downloadable e-book designed to help you revitalize your design businesss by giving you 11 days packed with top-notch business tips that will all help to turn your passion for design into the money-making machine you’ve always dreamed of.

Each of the 11 days contains:

  1. A Lesson – The best advice and tips – some of which I’ve never even shared here on the blog – on starting and building a design business.
  2. Application Exercises – 30-60 minute exercises that, if you work hard to accomplish, will transform your design business from hobby to career.

This two-pronged approach is designed so that you not only learn how to build a killer design business but you also act on what you learn to start building your business right away!

The 11-day course contains the following lessons and exercises to help you build a successful design business:

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  • Lesson 1: Making the mental commitment
  • Lesson 2: Naming your design business and other important details
  • Lesson 3: Making your first piece of profit
  • Lesson 4: Finding clients to fuel your business
  • Lesson 5: Project management tips to boost productivity
  • Lesson 6: Setting and reaching goals
  • Lesson 7: Finance secrets your accountant doesn’t want you to know
  • Lesson 8: Staying current on your design skills
  • Lesson 9: Finding steady profit through passive income
  • Lesson 10: Dealing with growth and hiring people
  • Lesson 11: Continuing successfully for the rest of your career

By the end of the 11 days, you will:

  • Understand what it takes to run a successful design business
  • Have a great business name and marketing strategy
  • Know how to make the most of your finances – and make a lot of money from your design business.
  • Be well on your way to starting and running a successful design business

I hope this great new addition to GraphicDesignBlender.com can be a wonderful resource for you as you grow your design business!

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About Preston D Lee

Preston is an entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, and the founder of this blog. You can contact him via twitter at @prestondlee.

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  1. Wow Preston!

    Thank you so much for this!!! I’m still a bit of a newbie and you have no idea how much your blog has helped me feel better about the different things that I have experienced. Things that used to seem stressful are easier to laugh about when I see other people experiencing it and not to mention the cute little cartoons that you post!!!

    Thanks again for this book. I can’t wait to read it!!! You ROCK!


    • @Amybella,
      I’m glad you’re so excited about it Amybella! Please be in touch as you read it and put it into practice. I’d love to hear what you think…

      Thanks for buying a copy!


  2. Phillip Sajack says:

    Already bought my copy!!!! Can’t wait to read it!!!!!

  3. Congratulations, Preston! Bought it!

  4. have just bought you ebook…now I’m doing my Day 4 home work!

    even though I have more than 10 years as a freelance I think that sometimes is good to go back to basics

    thanks Millo, Preston

  5. I’m enjoying it so far. I’m fairly new here on Millo and like the fact that your include some of your past articles in the eBook. I’ve read other graphic design business books in the past but they lack a certain personal touch. Something your book has that I enjoy.

  6. tammy Manning says:

    What is the price of this book pls in Rands?

  7. Just made the purchase and upon quickly browsing, everything looks quite interesting. I’m fed up of never having the get up and go to do these things so hopefully this will be a great start to the rest of my life.

  8. Not able to afford it, but definitely worth saving for later.

  9. Hi Preston,

    I can’t seem to get to the point to be able to purchase the ebook. I keep getting the same error message (both in Safari & Chrome) that says “this product combination does not exist.” Is there another link I can use? Thanks!


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