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8 web site essentials that will turn visitors into paying clients

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Have you ever worked hard on a web site only to be depressed that it doesn’t cause your site visitors to do anything important?

Maybe you have a portfolio web site that just doesn’t convert visitors into clients.

Or perhaps you’re trying to sell something, but you’ve only sold one widget. To your mother.

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Regardless of why your web site isn’t converting visitors into paying clients, today’s post will help you! Have a gander at the following 10 web site essentials that turn visitors into paying clients.

Then add your own to the list.

Strong calls to action

Perhaps one of the most effective, yet overlooked elements is a strong call to action. And no, the headline for this section is not a typo. I said “calls” to action as in multiple and many calls to action.

Give your site visitors a clear way to take action on your content. Allow them to buy easily, contact you, or take action on whatever else you offer.

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Make it hard to ignore.

Too many site designers assume their visitors will know what they should do once they visit their site. Just assume from now on, that your visitors have no idea how to act on what you provide on your site.

Follow Steve Krugg’s timeless web design advice: don’t make them think.

Clean layout

Years ago, the theory to create high-converting web sites was to clutter them up with content. The more cluttered, the more likely people are to click on ads, thus bringing you income.

This theory should have been burned at the stake a long LONG time ago.

And even though some people might argue that this theory could work for ad-revenue based sites, it’s definitely a mistake if you’re trying to convert visitors into clients.

Keep your layout simple, easy to understand, and pleasing to the eye.

If visitors get tired of trying to find their way around or get a headache from all the content and crazy colors, you won’t be converting them into customers any time soon.

Interesting work samples

This tip is especially important for designers. If you hope to convert visitors into clients, you need to diplay your work proudly and boldly.

Make sure you include interesting work that sets you apart from your competition. Avoid cliché work and choose only your best pieces.

At the end of the day, you aren’t displaying your work to show off. You’re displaying your work so that people will hire you.

Choose work that reflects that goal.

Bold photography

Not only do you need great samples of your work, but any imagery on your site needs to be bold and flavorful.

People have seen more-than-their-fair-share of stock photography. They’ve also seen enough poor photography to last a lifetime.

Take time to include bold, creative, enticing photography on your web site and your visitors will thank you by converting into clients.

Enticing copy

To build a successful, conversion-driven web site, you don’t just need great work samples and bold imagery. You need copy that matches your visual message.

Take time to craft the best phrases, use the most vivid words, and make your copy conversion-based.

People scan text and never read large bodies of copy so keep it simple, to the point and attention-grabbing.

The copy on your web site can make or break the difference between whether a visitor will become a client or not.

Contact page and other forms

If you’re primary goal is to convert visitors into clients, you’ll want a contact form that is easy to use and obvious to find.

Make it easy for potential clients to contact you, ask you questions, or hire you. You may also want to include more specific forms like a request for proposal form, bid request form, etc.

What forms do you include on your web site?

Social Media Connections

Everything today is social. Whether you live your life on facebook or not, it’s important to show your clients that they can connect with a real person instead of a corporate façade.

Make your website more personal by adding links and feeds from your preferred social media sites.

Recommendations & Testimonials

Last, but definitely not least, take time to collect some solid testimonials and recommendations from clients and colleagues you have worked with in the past.

Sometimes the breaking point for site visitors is whether or not other clients have had a good experience with you. If they can see that you are easy to work with, professional, and get the job done well, they will be more likely to hire you.

What other tips would you add?

I’ve certainly left out a few essential elements of a client-converting web site. What are they? Share your tips and secrets with us by leaving a comment.

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  1. Also be sure to clearly communicate your competitive edge – why clients should hire you over your competition. What do you offer that the competition doesn’t?

  2. Great list – all the basic but important principles of website success


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