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The weird, “silent” networking strategy that rakes in clients

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Whenever I network, I walk away with amazing connections and clients, and I do it by hardly saying a word. How? In this video, I break down my method that works wonders whether you’re a quieter person, a total extrovert, or anywhere between.


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Have you tried this before? I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, and comments below.

Prefer text? Here’s the full transcript:

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When David, my partner and I, used to go to conferences, seminars, chambers of commerce – that kind of thing – we’d really rack our brains trying to figure out how we were going to stand out.

What are we going to say when people ask “What do you do?”

Because that’s the question everybody asks, right? “What do you do? What do you do?”

We tried to come up with these cool, savvy answers that would make us stand out from all the other creatives out there. The truth is, we never really did come up with the perfect answer (I don’t know if there is one), but we stumbled across something else that helped us make really strong impressions on people. And the weird thing is that’d we’d barely say a word.

It’s so simple, and it feels good too… because you don’t have to be artificial or forced, and say these lines that maybe don’t really feel like you (networking can bring that out in people sometimes). You get to just be yourself, and be genuine and cool.

The thing that’s really set us apart when we do network in person is simply… listening.

It’s incredible, especially in these situations, how few people take the time to really listen to people. And I don’t mean where they hear physically with their ears what’s being said, but where they really internalize what you say, and they really give thought to it, and it provokes interesting questions that can only come from when you really listen to someone.

For me and David, it’s very much in our nature to be that way with people. So at one point we finally gave up on trying to find a way to work ourselves into the conversation, and just surrendered to listening, because people seemed to really need that.

What we found was that when we did that, we were the people who made the strongest impression in situations that often led to really high ticket sales. Even the people who were running these conferences and seminars would want to work and partner with us because of the strong impression we made on them.

This has led to some truly incredible clients and partnerships that have really changed our lives…

So, next time you’re going to one of these networking meetings, try to just listen to people. And of course you want to tell them what you do, but be quick to turn the conversation back around and talk to them.

Now, I don’t mean ask them question after question like it’s a survey or something, don’t go there with this pre-made list of questions you’ll ask – if you just forget yourself for a second and really just take in what someone is saying, you’re going to have more questions, you’re going to want to know more, and that’s what I suggest doing next time you’re networking.

Have you tried this before? I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, and comments below.

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  1. This was great. I actually took an extended break from large networking events because it is so exhausting trying to move around the room and try to spread the word about us to the people I met. I am literally about to go to a big networking event right now and before I even read your post I was thinking of this approach! Perfect timing!


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