Want to actually make progress on your side-hustle? Then you need some space. (Sidegig 2.1)


We’re excited to announce an all-new season of our popular podcast, Sidegig.

Preston here and I’m back with my co-hosts, Ryan and Ian who you got to know a bit better in season 1.

This season, we’re diving even deeper into what it really takes to build a thriving side-hustle while still rocking a successful day job. Show notes and further details below.

Working on a side-hustle can be exhilarating.

But finding the down-time, the head-space, and the actual physical space to get the work done can be frustrating at times.

So today, we tackle one simple question: where can I go to work on my side-hustle?

After all, you don’t have an office. You may not even have a home office (aside from your kitchen table). But you definitely need time and space to really focus on your side-hustle if you want it to go anywhere.

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For example, as soon as I started dedicating my 40-ish minute train commute every day to building Millo, we saw some really big things start to happen. You can listen to that story here.

And for Ryan, as you’ll hear in this episode, when he was working full-time and building his side-hustle, he woke up really early and found a coffee shop to get work done.

Ian’s tried a few things: from a dedicated office desk at a coworking space to his own home office. And he shares with us what works best throughout the episode.

It’s a great episode packed with some fun updates + actionable advice for getting the right kind of work done on your side-hustle.

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Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy season 2 of Sidegig.

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