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Why “solopreneuring” isn’t always best + welcome to our new Millo writers

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Today, I’m very excited to announce two additions to our writing team here at Millo.

Bianca Board and Ben Brush have both accepted offers to join our team and I absolutely can’t wait to start regularly publishing their amazing work!

Both Bianca and Ben bring some fantastic experience to the team to join with April and myself. Please join me in the comments to welcome these new members of our team! You can also connect even more with the Millo writing team in the Millo Insiders facebook group.

You'll also enjoy this episode of our new podcast...

Bianca Board joins us from Australia and has gone from a one-woman graphic design agency to a thriving web design business with 20 employees.

If starting, building, or growing your business to a multi-employee, mid-sized agency is what you’re looking for, you’ll want to pay close attention to the posts Bianca publishes here at Millo.

And even if you’re not interested in building your own agency, keep an eye out for Bianca’s content. It’s going to rock. (You probably remember her recent post, “97 Habits Of Insanely Profitable Designers.”)

BenBen Brush hails from the great land of Nova Scotia where he’s a hard-working freelance designer. Ben’s got a great knack for talking clearly and simply about topics that really matter when it comes to the business of design. (You most likely remember Ben’s popular post, “4 ways designers can survive in a world where “everybody is a designer.”)

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If you’re interested in seeing how a successful designer is building his business every day as a one-man-show, Ben’s your guy. He’ll hook you up with tips on being a successful freelancer, finding clients, building a portfolio and tons more.

And there you have it, two amazing new writers to join April (who I should also add does such an amazing job here at Millo as well, right!?) and myself as we strive weekly to publish content that can truly help you succeed.

Again, join me in the comments to welcome these new members of our team!

Tomorrow (Fri 11/22), you’ll see a fantastic new post from Ben and first thing Monday (11/25) morning, keep an eye out for new content from Bianca.

Going at it solo vs. Hiring others to help

Making the decision to hire regular writers (instead of producing all the content myself or just publishing guest posts) was not an easy one. 

Make no mistake, it was a smart decision, just not an easy one.

I’ve always been a fan of building something of your own. Something you are proud of. Something you can say is “yours.”

And because of that, I’ve always thought I had to do all the work myself.

But I realized about 1.5 years into running a blog that having a “solopreneur” mentality was not only making life hard for me, but really hurting the Millo audience.

3 advantages to hiring new teammates

Today, I want to show you five reasons I’ve hired these writers and hope that it can relate to you as you’re building your creative business.

1. More people = more points of view.
April, Bianca, and Ben each have a unique set of experiences (both in business and in life) that allow them to see things differently than I can myself.

These added points of view not only make the discussion and content at the blog more varied and interesting, but ultimately make reading this blog more enjoyable.

Instead of hearing my theories on business over and over, you can hear about what all four of us are doing to find success in our own unique ways.

Ideally, you can relate to one of the four of us on a deep enough level that it truly helps you take your design business to the next level.

2. Teammates help keep you on track.
This is no secret: sometimes I miss deadlines.

Even (and maybe especially) when I have set those deadlines for myself. Can you relate?

Having teammates to encourage you, remind you, and push you along will help you get where you’re going more quickly. My new team, for example, already knows that I’m publishing this post two days later than I had originally hoped.

And they’ve already reached out to ask me what the plan is.

Does that make it harder? Yes.

But will I stay on course more as I grow the blog and business?


3. Teammates provide feedback.

There are many more reasons why you should consider branching out from being a “solopreneur,” but the last one I want to focus on is feedback.

As we brainstorm content here for Millo, I look forward to the feedback each team member will offer. Together, we will be better than either four of us could be on our own.

And you, the reader, will reap the benefits.

A prediction

I predict you’ll see a huge leap in quality of content here at the blog with this exciting new change. You’ll see content we’ve never talked about before. You’ll see opinions we’ve never expressed before. You’ll have epiphanies about business that you’ve never even thought of before.

It’s going to rock.

So thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. And here’s to an amazing future together!

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Preston is an entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, and the founder of this blog. You can contact him via twitter at @prestondlee.

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  1. Welcome the new additions! Looking forward to reading more about the business. Love this blog!

  2. That’s great! Congratulations! Really looking forward to see what Bianca has to say. I’m exactly in that point of wanting more from freelancing but not sure how to get there!

  3. Congrats on the growth! I can’t wait to start reading Bianca’s articles – it’s my goal to grow into a fully developed design agency that I can operate full time one day. I’m always seeking out new and refreshing content for inspiration and knowledge! 🙂

  4. Looking forward to the additional POVs Preston. Definitely of the few newsletters I read every time. Congratulations on the expanding staff. Maybe they’ll add the missing 2 reasons you mention in your 3 Advantages section of the post above? 😉

  5. Thanks Preston, it really is great to be a part of your team! I’m super excited. I can’t wait to meet all the wonderful Millo readers!

    Congrats to you for being so brave and taking the plunge! It’s not an easy thing to do. After all it’s your baby that you’ve spent years of blood, sweat and tears raising into the awesome resource it is today… I promise I’ll take good care of it and I’m honoured to be on your team! I really am. 😉

    And you nailed it in perfectly in your three points above. Two (or three, four or five) heads are always better than one. I found it really hard to ‘not do everything myself’ (and still do on occasions, just ask my team!), but I’m getting better at looking where my time is most valuable and continually changing my daily schedule to leverage off others so that I’m really only working on high value tasks. To take things to that next level, sometimes you have to let go to grow.

    I’ve got some big plans for the next chapter of my journey so I look forward to sharing my insights and the lessons I learn along the way with all the great talent here!

    Let’s rock it!

  6. Congrats on joining the Millo writing team Bianca and Ben! The community here in Millo is great, so the welcome should be warm. I’m excited to see what you both have to offer! All the best! 🙂

  7. Another great post. I have to say though. It made me feel like a jerk. It made me feel greedy! So often I tell myself I can take on more work if I bring someone on. One of my big pet peeves stems from this practice. I value amazing talent. I know a few people out there that look for that “Intern” or the “New Grad” then avoid paying them their worth. For me on the other hand, I freelance to supplement my income. As much as I want to get out there and do this full time I am nervous about it. So every cent that comes in is needed. Geez. Talking it out here actually changed my mind. Your article made me think, and it made lead me to a change!

  8. This post is really encouraging, I’ve been having questions whether to do it alone or actually having more people in my freelance design career. So yeah! Subscribing to Millo has been a super awesome decision I made. I do feel I’m less alone in my design journey. Terima Kasih!

    Warm greetings from Indonesia to the new members of Millo, 2014 gonna be even merrier!

  9. Welcome new writers. I love this blog so much. Every time a new post appears it weirdly seems to be that I am experiencing those things that week. Its so close sometimes I find it freaky!
    This week I had promised a client I could deliver something and then realised that due to work load and my skill set, I needed an expert in that particular field. After all, who wants to be a jack of all trades and a master of none? I get where Michael Zorko is coming from though. Starting out, you just want to keep all the income yourself. The trick? Build up friendships / networks – agree to help each other, get a good discounted rate from them and then you can both make money. If you do a better job getting experts in particular fields then surely word will get around and you will reap the benefits.

  10. Thanks for given valuable information for for Graphic Design

  11. Thanks Preston, and thank you all so much for your warm welcome!

    I’m excited to be part of this blog and cannot wait to start talking with you all.


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