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Why you don’t need a revolutionary idea to start a business

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Are you sitting around waiting for the next big idea to pop in your head before you start your business?

Maybe you sit on the couch on Friday Nights watching Shark Tank on television and thinking to yourself: “Gee, if I only had an idea that was as amazing as that one…then I could start the business of my dreams.”

The truth of the matter is, you don’t need a completely revolutionary idea in order to start a business.

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Why you don’t need a revolutionary idea to start a business

If you’re waiting around to invent the next iPhone, you might find yourself waiting a long time.

I’m not saying you can’t or won’t come up with revolutionary ideas that will change and entire industry or even the entire world, but if you’re waiting for that idea to come to you before you start the business of your dreams, you may find yourself waiting for a long time.

It’s quite unlikely, in fact, that your first entrepreneurial adventure will be the one that changes the world.

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If you’ve never run a business before, there’s so much to learn.

There’s so much to do.

And somewhere along the way, you’ll probably discover your true calling, the world-changing, life-changing product or service that you’ve been waiting your whole life to “discover.”

But there’s a lot to do leading up to your revolutionary idea.

Start today; change the world tomorrow

There’s no better day than today to start working on your dream business.

No, don’t wait until the new year.

Don’t wait until 3 years from now when you have “more money, more time, a better business plan or more expertise.”

Start today. Do the best you can. You’ll be thankful when what you started today becomes revolutionary in a handful of months or years.

Jon Acuff, author of Start, says it this way:

90 percent perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100 percent perfect and stuck in your head.

Interpretation? Stop waiting for perfection.

Start today and change the world tomorrow.

If you don’t start today, the tomorrow of your dreams will likely never come. (Inspire someone else today by tweeting that.)

A few ways to start today without a revolutionary idea

Still waiting for the proverbial apple to fall out of the tree and hit you on the head with a great idea?

Here are a few things you can do in the mean time:

1. Revolutionize one tiny aspect of your business or industry.

If you work as a web designer, be different than the competition. If you find your competitors aren’t being responsive to their clients, make an effort to get on the phone, respond to emails at lightning speed, and treat every client like your #1 customer.

2. Set your business up for revolution.

Anyone who has ever reached their dreams, changed the world, or achieved something phenomenal didn’t just wake up one morning with an itch to do something phenomenal and found themselves at the top of the world by morning.

They had to work at it.

Start today on building something that will eventually propel you toward your dreams.

3. Remember, it’s never too late

To steal from Start by Jon Acuff once more,

You don’t need to go back in time to be awesome; you just have to start right now. Regretting that you didn’t start earlier is a great distraction from moving on your dream today, and the reality is that today is earlier than tomorrow.

How will you get started today?

It’s time to stop sitting around and waiting for success to find us.

How will you get started today? I’d love to hear what you’ve got stewing around in your brain. Leave a comment and we’ll chat.

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  1. You must have a vision or else you’ll perish but get your vision and start working towards it. To quote from a children’s song, “Little by little, inch by inch, by the yard it’s hard, by the inch what a cinch. Never stair up the stares just step up the steps. Little by little, inch by inch.” Get a vision for yourself and work towards it. Don’t loose sight of it but don’t focus on it. Focus on your steps.

  2. I believe many people think to much with wanting to start a business instead of actually just doing it. Because they have a dream or vision in their mind of what they’d like to do. Instead of actually pursuing it they are scared to do so.

  3. I’m so guilty of this. This is one of my biggest excuses of not starting my business today. I take clients here and there but I want something more. I want to be able to do this full-time with a business idea I have….but constantly believe it’s not good enough for the market.

    Thanks for the encouraging post!

  4. Definitely some good points here. As someone who’s starting out in freelance web design business myself I’m really trying to put some effort into providing a top quality service. The things I do are pretty common not revolutionary, and I have thousands of competitors so getting the fact that I do my best for my clients out there publicly is something I’m finding difficult.

    But I have to admit that slowly but surely the clients I have are coming back to me after they try my services once and so as long as I keep doing the best I can for them, then hopefully it will be me they think of when they need a task doing instead of turning to Google or somebody else.

    First time I’ve visited your blog, but I’ve found some great advice here, so thanks for sharing 🙂


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