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At Millo, we’re committed to providing amazing content to help freelancers at all levels escape agency life and build a business you love.

We especially love tackling your tough questions, and there may be no tougher aspect of freelancing than determining what you should charge.

That’s why I spent the better part of a year developing How Much Should I Charge, Millo’s all-new eBook bundle!

A note from Preston:
This is perhaps the best ebook we’ve released to date here at Millo. The book goes on sale in one week (preorder here) and we’re giving away one free copy plus a chance to win a 30-minute video Q&A session with the book’s author and freelancing pro, April Greer, plus a bonus ebook only available inside Stoked, Break Through: 5 common excuses to starting a business and how to crush them without breaking a sweat. 

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For details on how to enter to win the ebook, video session, or bonus ebook, read through the end of this post.

Ok, back to April.

What’s included in the bundle:

While the eBook itself is super-beneficial (and 100% doable for even the most right-brained creatives), I have added some incredible additional content to further simplify the exercises and boost your pricing confidence. Here’s what you’ll get:

You'll also enjoy this episode of our new podcast...

  • The full eBook: How Much Should I Charge
  • An easy-to-follow spreadsheet to do all of the math required for the exercises in the eBook
  • Advice and answers from veteran entrepreneurs on tough pricing questions
  • BONUS Appendix of budgeting, accounting, and freelancing resources

Preorder your copy here for just $15.

Is this bundle for you?

We totally get it – you want to be certain that this small investment is going to be worth your hard-earned cash.

And I want you to be absolutely thrilled with your purchase, so here are a few answers to common questions we’ve received about How Much Should I Charge.

Is How Much Should I Charge only applicable to US freelancers?

Nope! This bundle focuses on figuring out how much to charge based on your unique (personal and professional) situation, not on a local dollar amount.

Does How Much Should I Charge have any content for veteran freelancers?

From accounting and budgeting to financial wisdom to time-tracking suggestions and a conversation on industry standards and intellectual worth, I did my best to provide quality content for all experience levels of freelancers.

What if circumstances change? Won’t How Much Should I Charge be outdated?

No! The content in this bundle is designed to adapt to life, which is constantly changing. Not only can you see how paying off your car loan will increase your profits, you can also determine whether your dream home can become a reality.

I’m not a designer. Will How Much Should I Charge apply to my business?

Yes! How Much Should I Charge is written for all service-based entrepreneurs (even non-creatives). So even your cousin starting a tree removal business would benefit from this financial wisdom.

Which pricing system does How Much Should I Charge embrace?

How Much Should I Charge applies to your financial situation no matter whether you prefer to price hourly, per project, or on a value-based system. It’s all about creating financial stability and pricing confidence rather than touting a specific system.

I’m absolutely thrilled to bring you this latest amazing tool for improving your business. If you purchase the bundle, please send us an email, post on our Facebook page, or Tweet and let us know what you’ve found to be most helpful for you.

We can’t wait for your feedback! Preorder your copy here for just $15 and start earning what you deserve today!

How to win a free copy + video Q&A with April + bonus ebook

Hey there, Preston here again.

I’m so excited for the release of April’s ebook. I’ve read it a number of times and I’m always blown away by her insight and highly actionable tips.

Members of Stoked (who were able to download this book nearly 6 weeks ago) have been telling me the same thing: this book is a fantastic resource.

To celebrate the release of the book in one week (Mar 17, 2014), we’re giving away one free copy of the book, a video Q&A session with April herself, and a bonus ebook, Break Through: 5 common excuses to starting a business and how to crush them without breaking a sweat.


  • For a chance to win a bonus Q&A session with April, and the extra ebook Break Through, simply preorder April’s new book How Much Should I Charge? You can click here to preorder the book. If you win, you’ll not only get your ebook first thing on March 17th, but you’ll also get a free Q&A session with April and a bonus book from Millo. If you don’t win, you’ll receive your copy of How Much Should I Charge? first thing on March 17.
  • For a chance to win just one copy of the ebook, just tweet about this post and then leave a comment telling us why we should pick you. We’ll give away one free copy for every 100 tweets so you’ll always have a great chance of winning even if lots of people enter.

Best of luck in winning a Q&A session with April or one of our other ebook prizes! Winners will be announced in one week!


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About April Greer

April is the Director of Projects at Reliable PSD, a design-to-code company for designers, by designers. She’s the glue keeping everything together, organized, and right on time, and giving everyone a fantastic experience while she does it.


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  1. Pick me! This is relevant to my interests!

  2. I always have trouble deciding how much I *should* be charging my clients. It’s always too low so if there is a system where I can break down everything and make sure I am not over charging (something I fear)- I’m all over it.

    • Kausar,

      This ebook sounds like a great fit for you – it helps you take the guesswork out of how much you need to charge and helps you put into perspective what you should be charging. I’ve added a Q&A section with veteran service-based entrepreneurs on how they tackle pricing, too, so you can read their answers to tough questions we all have on pricing.

      Thanks for sharing! Tons of readers have these same fears.


  3. Hey guys! I would love to win that book because I’ve just started my freelance design business and would be using that book as my bible! I also follow your blog and get tons of great advice from there. I am sure the book is no different. Good luck to everyone else participating 🙂

  4. I hope to learn how to manage my financial better as a freelancer!!!!

  5. I am jump starting my creative career after 10 years of very part time graphic designer/ art director. I need this book.

  6. I hope to win this ebook! I’m still learning lots about how to charge properly, and those excel templates would be very helpful!

  7. You should keep me for the free ebbok, because i´m a profesor full time, and my major asignature is what to be a freelance.

  8. As a newbie to freelancing, I am still learning a lot o things. I hope I win as I need all the help I can get.

  9. Hello! I would love to win this e-book because it’ll help me to start my brazilian freelance business and hopefully help other people undeerstand and see the value of design here.
    I love this blog, só many great things in the newsletter!

  10. Please pick me to receive the free e-book “How Much Should I Charge”. I could use this “ammunition” when I break out on my own in a few short months.

  11. Like others here who all sound deserving, I would like to win the ebook as I may be made redundant from a design agency (web/graphic designer) and I would like to learn how to become a freelancer, I am doing odd jobs here and there for people but the classic ‘how much should I charge?’ question always comes up! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  12. I NEED THIS!! Looks like the bee’s knee’s, April! 🙂 I am being brave and trying to branch out on my own as a freelancer. Your words of wisdom would not only help me grow but also become confident in what I do.

  13. I have struggled for years with knowing how much to charge. I have lost so much money in the process of not charging for my skill set. I desperately need your book!

  14. I do so much work for Charity organisations I’ve forgotten what my real worth is – I would absolutely LOVE this ebook. It would assist me to substantiate how to put money aside to build my other business. Thanks Jac

  15. I would like to be chosen to win the Ebook by April Greer. As a freelancer illustrator of several years, I believe this book would help me gain confidence in knowing the least I should be expecting to charge per job, for both profit and fairness to the client based on my knowledge, experience and qualifications.

  16. Would love to get this book. I always wonder if I can raise my pricing and my clients will be OK or they’ll search for someone else. I wish there’s some clarity…


  1. […] a freelance design business. (PS: don’t forget, you’ve only got a few days left to enter to win a free skype session with April plus a free copy of her new ebook How Much Should I […]

  2. […] a freelance design business. (PS: don’t forget, you’ve only got a few days left to enter to win a free skype session with April plus a free copy of her new ebook How Much Should I […]


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