Zero to Freelancing

A 30-day fast-track to finding the best clients, winning high-paying gigs, and building the service business of your dreams.

$160,000…for one logo.

The number made me sit back in my seat for a few minutes—unable to really think clearly.

I was having a conversation with a freelance designer friend of mine. He told me about a fellow designer who recently landed a client deal to design their logo.

And the price tag?


That was insane.

Insane to think that while I struggled to make a few thousand bucks some months, there were designers out there who were making that kind of money on one project.

I mean, with that kind of money, I could completely pause my marketing efforts for the entire year, work feverishly for 9 months on this one singular client project, and then take a 3-month vacation with my wife and kids.

Clearly I was doing something wrong.

It became obvious that there was more to this “working for yourself” thing than just printing up some business cards, going to networking events, polishing up my portfolio and waiting for positive word of mouth marketing.

Not to say I haven’t been lucky enough to make decent money working for myself.

But the truth is: I’ve never come anywhere close to a number like that. And I’d be thrilled to make that much working for myself in an entire year.

And many freelancers—or wannabe freelancers—that I meet seem to be in the same boat.

So what is it that these kinds of wildly successful freelancers know that others don’t?

Well, there’s a lot.

And we know it because we’ve spent the last 8+ years talking to freelancers and indie entrepreneurs who are crushing it at business. We’ve recruited lots of them to share their secrets & tips with us on the Millo blog and podcasts.

Which means we’ve got a pretty good idea of what sets a successful freelancer apart from…well…a flop.

We have a pretty good handle on the habits, mindset, and daily rituals of freelancers who take their businesses to the next level.

And we think it’s time to compile years of learning into a quick-to-digest, 30-day, fast-track map to freelancing success.

We’re calling it “Zero to Freelancing” because we have one simple goal:

Level up your freelance game in 30 days or less.

If you’re already a freelancer, this course will fill in the gaps you’ve wondered about—like “where are all the really good clients hiding?” and “what should I actually be charging?” We’ll confirm some hunches you’ve always had about what it takes to thrive as a freelancer. And you’ll learn from freelancers ahead of you what it takes to keep improving and building your freelance business.

If you don’t really consider yourself a freelancer yet, this is your chance!

Never before has this size and caliber of incredible advice, tips, and secrets from such a diverse group of successful freelancers been compiled all in one place.

100% of the experts featured here have cracked the code on freelancing—discovering what it really takes to not just survive, but thrive in a service-based business.

Many of them featured in this 30-day roadmap have gone from a struggling freelancer to building an agency where they bring in enough client work to support a whole team of creatives.

And all of them have discovered the reality of freelancing: it’s extremely hard, but completely worth it.

They’re free from punching a clock.

They’re free to pursue projects that light them up.

They have the autonomy to build their business at their pace and in their way.

They don’t wait around for budgets to be approved by upper management. They don’t hunch in their chair, scrolling through facebook, waiting for the last 20 minutes on the clock to pass by just so their boss doesn’t see them leaving before 5:00 pm. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

They work—and live—on their own terms.

And Zero to Freelancing is going to show you how they do it.

Will it be easy? Of course not. Starting, building, and sustaining a business of any kind takes an insane amount of work, dedication, and grit.

But you can do this.

And with our 30-day fast-track guide, we’ll help you all along the way.

Enrollment is open now!

Enrollment is open now, but we’re limiting the number of freelancers so we can give each one the attention they need. So if you’re ready to level up your life & business, enroll now.

Enroll now – $99

Over the course of 30 days, you’ll experience 30 easy-to-digest modules completely packed with tips, tricks and advice from freelancers and solopreneurs who have been in your shoes.

Each module comes with a mix of video, audio, and written lessons & activities. Here’s what you’ll receive each day (plus a couple bonuses at the end):

Phase 1: building a solid foundation

Day 1: You’re in business: here’s what to actually expect from freelancing

Day 2: What to do first (and what you definitely shouldn’t be doing yet)

Day 3: How to start thinking, acting, and succeeding like a freelancer

Day 4: Setting up your business: what you need to do and what doesn’t matter

Day 5: Setting up your portfolio for major conversions

Day 6: How to charge what you’re worth – value-based pricing vs. hourly or project-based

Phase 2: Getting real clients to pay attention

Day 7: Creating a landing page that sells your services like crazy

Day 8: Driving massive amounts of traffic to your landing page – Organic/Word of Mouth

Day 9: Driving massive amounts of traffic to your landing page – Paid traffic

Day 10: Driving massive amounts of traffic to your landing page – Cold-calling

Day 11: Getting your first client!

Phase 3: Setting up client processes & working with clients

Day 12: Onboarding your first few clients

Day 13: Everything you need to know about your first client contract

Day 14: Setting up your first client project – Communication

Day 15: Setting up your first client project – Milestones

Day 16: Setting up your first client project – Approvals

Day 17: Setting up your first client project – Scope

Day 18: Setting up your first client project – Definition of done

Day 19: Avoiding common mistakes that kill new freelancers & put them out of business

Day 20: Making your clients successful—and therefore making your business successful

Day 21: Presenting work back to your client – how to present your work

Day 22: Presenting work back to your client – handling criticism like a pro

Day 23: Presenting work back to your client – managing revisions

Phase 4: Getting into a rhythm, planning long-term, & scaling

Day 24: Keeping the flow of clients coming without burning out

Day 25: Where the most successful freelancers find their clients

Day 26: Turning a one-time client into recurring revenue every month

Day 27: Turning your one-time client work into passive income

Day 28: Creating a healthy pool of clients who support your business

Day 29: Hiring your first employee to help your business grow

Day 30: Scaling to multiple employees, dozens of clients and beyond (but only if that’s what you want)

Enrollment bonuses

BONUS: Working from anywhere: how to take your freelancing on the road, in the air, and around the world

BONUS: Discounts for tons of services for freelancers working on growing their business. Free or discounted access to apps, ebooks, programs and more that will propel you even further ahead.

Enroll now – $99

For round one of this bootcamp, we’ll have a lot to learn. First-comers will be our guinea pigs, but in exchange, you’ll be able to get access to the course for way less than the eventual price.

One day, we’re confident we can charge a few hundred bucks for this thing. If not more.

But today, we’re opening the doors for $99 each.

So for $99, you’ll be enrolled in our first semester of classes starting January 1, 2018.

2018 is going to be your year! You’re going to completely own it. And it’s time you start taking action toward the kind of life and business you’ve dreamt of.

Join us by enrolling now and we’ll see you January 1st!

Enroll now – $99

100% money-back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the course material after 30 days, we’ll gladly give your money back—no questions asked. But you’re gonna be satisfied…trust us.

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