5-Day Recurring Revenue Challenge

Recurring Revenue Will Change Your Business

One-time payments should be a thing of the past. With recurring revenue, you can plan better, grow faster, and get richer.

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What You'll Get from This Challenge

This vibrant 5-day challenge is recorded live with nearly twenty freelancers in various fields and focused on helping you take action. Here's what you’ll master by the end of the challenge:

  • How to productize your services for repeat payments.
  • What makes an irresistible monthly offer your clients can't refuse.
  • How to get to "yes" more quickly when pitching.
  • How to grow to $10k+/mo in recurring revenue.
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Re·cur·ring Rev·e·nue

  1. Revenue your business collects each month without having to pitch and win new clients.
  2. A total game-changer and the secret to a sustainable, scalable service business.

"I feel like finally I have the tools in place to 'up' my recurring revenue..."


"...the jolt I needed..."

Preston and Clay's recurring revenue challenge gave me the jolt that I needed to shift my approach to customer engagement. Working with clients continuously can be so much more rewarding than one-off projects, and they provided some actionable tools and strategies to help me move my approach in that direction.
—Erica Machulak

"Awesome...and empowering...You feel like you could take on the world..."

What more people are saying...


Preston & Clay give such great insights ... always so much to learn from them! Honest, candid conversations about the ups and downs of freelancing and growing a business at any stage.


Preston and Clay are great at getting to the core of different issues ... and teasing out the detail to provide solutions. Cannot recommend highly enough! —Caroline Sheahan


Preston and Clay have great chemistry and their sometimes opposing opinions make for a good balance! I’ve enjoyed being able to learn from others who are a few steps ahead of me in their respective careers. –Will Gibbons

Get Lifetime Access
Includes full access + updates for life. No subscription required.

What to expect (and what we expect from you)

This isn't just some passive online course where you sign up and never come back. Instead, it's an action-oriented challenge with accountability and homework built right it.

Here's what you can expect by taking on this 5-day challenge:

  • 5 Days of recorded group calls with Clay and Preston who have been building recurring revenue service businesses for over a decade together with nearly 20 other freelancers from various industries.
  • Daily Homework tasks designed to move the needle on your journey to build recurring revenue into your business.
  • Daily Notes summarizing the recorded session and outlining further strategies, scripts, templates, and other important tools to help you succeed.
  • Access to group comments, feedback, and questions submitted by all previous challengers to give context, answers, and propellent to your own circumstance.
  • Unlimited support via email so you can ask follow-up questions or get help when you're stuck with homework tasks.
  • BONUS case studies and how-to articles from proven experts who have built sustainable recurring revenue businesses.

Clay, Preston, Millo

Who's behind the 5DRRC?

Clay Mosley — Entrepreneur and agency builder who grew from freelancer to 20+ employees and $1MM+ in revenue.

Preston Lee — Freelancer-turned-entrepreneur who has built two successful recurring-revenue businesses and daily teaches freelancers how to scale.

Get Lifetime Access
Includes full access + updates for life. No subscription required.

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