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I would like to send feedback or a suggestion.

The fastest way to send suggestions and feedback is to send us a tweet at @milloteam. Otherwise, please send your feedback directly to Preston Lee at preston [at] millo.co.

I would like to contribute a single guest post or other content.

At Millo, we only publish content which has been through our editorial process. We do not publish content we believe is spammy, unnecessarily promotional, or self-serving in any way.

If you are interested in developing a relationship with Millo as a writer and feel that you have something valuable to add to our community of creative entrepreneurs, please send an email to content [at] millo.co. We’ll help you determine whether or not your content is a good fit for our audience.

I would like to become a regular contributor at Millo.

We’re always interested in finding talented writers and creative people to join our team of regular contributors at Millo. If you’d like to be considered for a regular contributor position, please send an email to content@millo.co.

I would like to sponsor Millo.

Millo partners with like-minded companies who share our mission to better the lives of creative entrepreneurs around the world. If you feel your company has a lot to contribute to the community of creative entrepreneurs and you’re looking for a good way to reach an engaged audience, Millo can help you get your message, service, and/or product into the world. For sponsorship inquiries, please review our 2017 sponsorship opportunities and/or contact Preston at preston [at] millo.co.

My reason for contacting you is not on this list.

For all other inquiries, customer support concerns, or other questions, please send an email to team [at] millo.co.