Part 7

Contract samples + more resources

We're wrapping up. Here are a few things that might come in handy...

With that, I think you’re ready to go!

We’ve discussed basic copyright laws, ownership rights, and how to make sure you own what you should when you’re done working with your client.

We’ve talked about what should be in your contract and what shouldn’t.

And we’ve talked about how to work with a potential client to make sure you both get the most out of your contractual relationship.

The only thing left is to draft a contract for yourself!

I’ve included as a bonus to this short guide, a series of contract templates.

Download 10 Contract Samples Here

Look through them. Study them. And use them to build your own contract.

There’s no harm in copying and pasting certain portions of these contracts to build your own. Just make sure you know exactly what you’re putting in your contract and you’ll be fine.

We're also constantly updating our blog with fresh new content all about using contracts as a freelancer or solopreneur.

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Last, but not least, we've got a free thriving group of freelancers and solopreneurs who are ready and waiting to answer any questions you have about the legal side of your business. Join us in our free facebook mastermind group and we'll answer your questions as best we can!

Best of luck in all your contract-writing endeavors!

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