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A new podcast where we tell the real stories of solopreneurs who have scaled their business to something much bigger than themselves.

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1.0 Season One Trailer

Season 1 of Millo's all-new podcast 'Freelance to Founder' is about to launch! Here's a peek at what to expect this season.

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1.1 From stay-at-home mom to multi-million dollar brand

Courtney didn't want to start just another mommy blog. She wanted to make money...and fast. After just 3 years, her fashion business grew to employ dozens of moms and bring millions in revenue.

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1.2 From getting paid pennies in royalties to selling art direct to buyers

Greg was an artist getting paid pennies on the dollar in royalties for his religious artwork. But after his son Nate stepped in to help build a direct-to-consumer ecommerce business, profits soared.

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1.3 From a single freelance designer to an agency making millions

Bianca started out as a one-woman graphic design "agency" and has built a thriving Aussie web design business with 20 employees and bringing in millions of revenue along the way.

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1.4 From art enthusiast to empowering women in Nepal

Adrienne never expected a vacation to Nepal would lead to, not only her eventual marriage, but the beginning of an art business that empowers female artists in Nepal.

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1.5 From college grad to working for ESPN, Oprah, & Time Magazine

C.J. was a no-name freelance photographer who walked into the offices of Time Magazine to pitch his work...and got a job! Years later, he has worked for brands like Oprah, ESPN, and Time Magazine.

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1.6 From cubicle-doomed to getting his brand featured on TODAY Show & in the Superbowl

Michael was an accountant with a dead-end job making him miserable. So he decided to purchase a small local coffee business. After attempting a unique online business model, he came within 2 months of complete failure. But after getting on the TODAY Show and in the Superbowl, his brand is now growing like crazy.

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1.7 From designing video games to getting hired by major brands to create custom illustrations & art

Ever since we was a little kid, Howard loved fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons. But little did he know he'd grow up be hired by Dungeons and Dragons plus other huge gaming brands like Blizzard. Today, Howard does commission work for enormous brands and sells one-of-a-kind commissioned art.

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1.8 From freelance designer to building a luxury fashion brand

Jeff started out with a question: why was it so difficult to find fresh, high-quality, unique fashion items in a modern aesthetic? Then he set out to build Ugmonk—a company that sells luxury items with modern design.

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