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To be successful as a freelancer you have to be smart about how you conduct business. Talent is a wonderful thing. But being the world’s greatest creative doesn’t ensure success. New freelancers quickly learn that you are your own business […]


Ah, Twitter. It’s a place for political rants, celebrity feuds, and… Winning freelance clients? You betcha. You can totally win freelance clients from Twitter. But don’t expect that your personal Twitter account will magically attract clients just because you’ve decided […]


Adrienne Thakur was born and raised in Kentucky by entrepreneurial parents who owned and ran an antique store. Which meant she was exposed to a wide variety of unique artifacts from around the world. This exposure planted a deep desire […]


“How do I gracefully tell a client I am increasing my rates? I’m upping my hourly rate by about 35%, which is approximately a $12 increase. This client is bigger than any of my other clients, and takes up more […]


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You get to choose who you work with. It’s true. One of the awesome things about freelancing is that you get to choose who you work with. You don’t have to and shouldn’t work with whoever walks in your virtual […]


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Contrary to popular belief, you do not need an MBA to be a successful entrepreneur, nor do you need a college degree – provided you have some necessary skills. There are many highly successful entrepreneurs without a college degree. While […]


It happens the same way every time. Someone starts freelancing, and they’re excited to take any client they can get. But before long, they realize something: Not every freelance client is worth working with. Sounds kind of harsh, right? It’s […]


No matter how much you love what you do for a career, if you can’t pay the bills with it, it’s not a career, it’s a hobby. And as a freelancer, proper invoicing techniques and policies are so crucial to the […]


I worked in a small sushi restaurant for years before I started freelancing full-time. It was a tiny little place, the kind that only seats about 20 people and most of them at the bar. Working in such a small […]


When entrepreneur Bianca Board was young, she used to join her mum every morning on a paper run. She’d sit in the back of a little jeep, driving around the mountains, delivering papers. As she got older, her nana taught […]


Writing copy that attracts awesome clients is much like fishing – as much as I hate that analogy. I hate that analogy because fishing offers something really enticing to the fish… And then, well, we all know how that ends […]


Cold emailing. Done right, it can help you grow your freelance business like crazy. Done wrong, it’ll make you seem like a sleazy salesperson with no social skills and no hope of growing a business. Ouch. Let’s avoid the latter […]


Being a freelancer seems glamorous, even romantic at times. The notion of working when you want, how you want, and only on projects you deem worthy sounds too good to be true. While it’s true that freelancing is pretty darn […]


When we’re faced with scary situations in business & life, our instinct is often to shy away from them. But what would happen if we didn’t? In today’s video, learn how embracing your fears can help you and your business […]