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Miscellaneous Sections

We're wrapping up. Here are a few things that might come in handy...

The miscellaneous sections are generally at the very end of a contract. There are several different types of miscellaneous sections but we’ll be focusing on (1) the entire agreement, (2) amendments, and (3) notices sections.

The entire agreement section makes it clear that the written contract is the final agreement between you and the client.
For the entire agreement, make sure that everything you’ve agreed to with the client is somewhere in the contract. If you have this section in your contract, any prior discussions or agreements will not count if it’s not included in the written contract.

The amendments section lays out the process for amending or changing the contract.
For the amendments section, make sure that any changes to the contract require your consent in writing.

The notices section tells you the contact information for the other side and how you must notify them.
Lastly, for the notices section, make sure you have both parties’ contact information and, if applicable, include email as a way to give notices.

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