Millo Exclusive: $338 worth of web design elements/tools for only $24

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Today, I’ve partnered up with Steven at to bring you an awesome deal!

I’ve been a fan and follower of Vandelay Design Blog for a while now and they’re always offering awesome deals on helpful ebooks, design tools, and design bundles.

Today, they’ve launched “Web Designer’s Bundle 2” and it’s packed with $338 of amazing resources and tools for web designers of all levels (I’ve already got mine) and Steven has deeply discounted it to just $29.

But wait, there’s a promo code for Millo readers!

What’s even cooler is that I worked out a deal with Steven because we both love the Millo community!

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If you order the bundle, and input “gdb” in the promo code field, you can take ANOTHER $5 OFF.

So basically, you’ll be getting $338 worth of web design tools and resources (like some really cool PSD files, icon sets, etc) for only $24.

That’s 93% off!

You can’t get much better than that! So, head on over to Vandelay Design Blog and order your bundle today before time runs out.

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Not sure it’s for you?

Here are some of my favorite pieces of the bundle (like I said, I already have it myself and I plan to use a lot of the tools, resources, and elements included):

Header/Navigation PSD files: Super good-looking and cool navigation menus for web design projects. You don’t see many of these, but this bundles got a bunch.

20 Photoshop Bokeh Brushes: I’ve been looking for a nice set of bokeh brushes for some art I’m doing for my living room. These work great!

Retro icons:
A cool twist on the usual icon set, this is just one of many icon sets in this bundle.

And there’s tons and tons of more stuff. Head on over to the information page for the bundle and see for yourself. Don’t forget the Millo exclusive promo code at checkout! Save an extra $5 by typing “gdb” in the promo code field.

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