Editorial Policy

Since 2009, Millo has been supporting freelancers, solopreneurs, side-hustlers, and agency-builders with our free content.

In order to maintain the highest quality standards with our content, we have adopted the following editorial policy and strive to publish only the most helpful and accurate articles, podcast episodes, and videos.

Our editorial mission

All the content we produce here at Millo points toward our mission:

Help You Build a Business That Makes You Happy

We do that helping you focus on 3 things in work and life:

Flexibility – Freedom – Fulfillment

Statistics show that people who work for themselves are happier, have more flexibility to do what they want with their lives, and feel more fulfilled with the work they do.

We believe the quickest route to working for yourself is freelancing.

So we publish articles, podcast episodes, guides, books, videos, and products to help you reach your potential as a freelancer and solopreneur.

Our content guarantee

When you interact with our content here on our site or through any other channel, you can be assured:

  • Our content is 100% unique to Millo. We never re-publish from other sources, copy, or plagiarize. All of our content is created entirely from scratch by our talented team of writers, podcasters, and creators. Everything is made with our readers, listeners, and viewers in mind.
  • Our content is unbiased. We strive to publish only the most honest, clear, and unbiased content we can. While we do partner with sponsors and affiliates from time to time, we will never knowingly publish content recommending tools, methods, or strategies we know may be harmful to you or your business.
  • We test our methods on ourselves first. We are a team made up 100% of self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers, contract workers, and side-hustlers. We have tested the methods we recommend on our own businesses with great success. If you see something in our content and want to try it for yourself, rest assured, we have probably tried it ourselves too.

Our editorial process

We’ve adopted a robust editorial process to ensure you receive the absolute best Millo content wherever you choose to consume it.

Our articles are written by experts in freelancing, solopreneurship, and business. They’re then reviewed by our blog manager, who checks for quality, correctness, and completeness. As a rule, most of the content on our site is reviewed by at least 2 people.

Our videos are screen-written by expert freelancers and produced by talented video presenters who are also full-time or part-time freelancers themselves. Each video is reviewed by the presenter and the video producer before publication to ensure it’s enjoyable to watch, helpful, actionable and complete in its information.

Our podcast episodes are recorded by 1-3 hosts who have extensive backgrounds in freelancing, entrepreneurship, and agency-building. After recording, each conversation is then reviewed by our production and editing. It is edited for clarity and conciseness and then sent to our podcast producer for final review and publication.

Our promise

We know there are millions of sites you could visit and brands you can interact with online. We value the time you spend with us and thank you for taking time to get to know our brand.

As we continue to improve our editorial process, we promise to always hold you, our readers, listeners and viewers as a top priority.

Together with our mission and these editorial guidelines, we hope to publish high-quality content for freelancers and entrepreneurs long into the future.

Thanks for being a part of our journey!

—Preston, Millo Founder