10 Dos and Don’ts when redesigning a logo

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1195369_11292384Redesigning a logo can be difficult. Companies, and the public become very attached to a logo and, if done incorrectly, a logo redesign can really hurt a company’s image.  Below you will find 5 Dos and 5 Don’ts when it comes to redesigning someone’s logo.

#1. Don’t stray from the general look and feel of the company.
When you change the colors, style, or visual goals of the company, that’s called rebranding – not redesigning a logo.

#2. Don’t copy other logos that are “more modern”.
Although the reason behind the needed redesign may be that the logo is outdated, people want a fresh outlook and take on their logo so it shines through the clutter.

#3. Don’t think the logo can stand alone.
Keep in mind the logo will need to be incorporated into the web site, business cards, television, etc etc.

#4. Don’t complicate the logo.
Adding superfluous small and frequently annoying extra details to the already existing logo will not make it look more professional, just more cluttered.

#5. Don’t try to do it alone.
Be sure to do your research. Talk to your client and research similar companies. Find out what makes the company tick and reflect that in the logo redesign.

#6. Do maintain scalability.
Be sure the logo can be used across many different mediums.  It needs to be usable in grayscale and in any size.

#7. Do make it original.
The whole point of a logo redesign is that the organization wants a new emotion to be portrayed when the logo is viewed. If you haven’t changed the way people feel when they look at the logo, why did you redesign it?

#8. Do maintain something familiar.

Many companies go through logo redesigns without anyone ever knowing. This is due to the fact that the designer simply chose to “modernize” the logo without changing the content. (This point may seem contrary to the last, but I find you can make it original and maintain the value of the previous logo at the same time if you really work at it.)

#9. Do involve your client heavily.
Ask them what the main purpose behind the logo redesign is and then strive your best to achieve that goal.

#10. Do try many different approaches.
Try some redesigns that stay close to the original logo and then try a few designs that are completely off the wall. Give your client a wide variety of proofs to look at.

These are the things I have found useful as I have redesigned logos for various companies throughout my graphic design experience. What other helpful Dos and Don’ts would you suggest? Share them with us below.

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