Get more clients through social with this small but vital change

Almost every business out there uses social media. But there’s no doubt some people use it better than others.

You’ve probably seen a company with a wildly successful social media post or hundreds and thousands of followers and wondered: “What are they doing that I’m not?”

Unlike most traditional forms of media and advertising, which are a one way broadcasts from company to consumer, social media, at its most effective, is a two way conversion. Social media’s true potential is unlocked through engagement and interaction. The internet has thousands of messages all fighting for an audience, but when you can get the audience to respond; that’s where the magic happens.

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How to make more of an impact on social media.

When it comes to social media: posts are good, campaigns are better.

Way better.

I learned that the hard way while working for a company that was trying to build a better social media presence and following.

We were struggling with hardly any engagement on any of our social networks. Everything we posted was met with deaf ears. We were posting flyers, pictures of our products, and sharing post related to the our industry. None of it was working.

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Because of our failing efforts we had a meeting to figure out what to do. We decided to try out a few, holistic, campaign style ideas. We ran three campaigns over the following months.

Here’s what we did.

1. Name our new printing press contest.
-The company had just bought a new printing press so we ran a name the press contest. The winning name was crested onto the machine for the rest of time. Suggestions poured in!

2. Meet our staff.
-A member of the staff was featured each week with a short bio and their favorite product sold by the company. This switched it from a company story, to a personal interest story.

3. A like and share contest to win one of our products.
-The company offered up one of its higher end items for a prize, and a like and share contest was held to choose the winner.

All of these ideas encouraged audience engagement, and gave back to the community in exchange for their interaction. Thinking out and scheduling campaigns in advance has never been easier with all the resources available today. A few hours of work and you can have amazing content being posted on a consistent basis all month long.

It totally worked.

Our pages that were previously struggling with almost no followers suddenly had hundreds of new interactions in just weeks. Giving people the opportunity to communicate, rather than preaching to them, made a huge difference.

Do you guys use campaign based social media strategies? Tell me what’s working and what isn’t in the comments.

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  1. Like the idea of this post! Many of us are sole entrepreneurs/freelancers though, and as the other commenter said, that is a different challenge.
    My tips personally is to follow many people with interests as yours on social media, get to know (some of) them, interact with them, comment on peoples blogs (ineractions + links back), do guest posting articles if possible (linkbacks, possible work coming back your way), be good at spreading your portfolio (make a good one), and many more things. We can still run contests though, ask people for feedback or run smaller campaigns (that dont cost us a fortune).
    I am planning on writing an article on this on my own blog 🙂

    1. Versus a company. Example: a sole entrepreneur won’t have many ‘meet our staff’ posts LOL.

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