How Bianca Board went from zero clients to millions in revenue

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When entrepreneur Bianca Board was young, she used to join her mum every morning on a paper run. She’d sit in the back of a little jeep, driving around the mountains, delivering papers.

As she got older, her nana taught her how to make things which means Bianca had her very first business at around 11 years old.

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During the week, she’d make crafty doilies and then sell them at the Sunday markets. It was then that Bianca got a real taste, at a young age, for making money from things that she had created.

Note: today’s post is all about episode 3 of our new podcast, Freelance to Founder. For more detail and the complete story, you can listen to Bianca’s episode below (or on iTunes or Pocket Casts.)

At age 16, Bianca moved out of her parents’ home and put herself through school.

She always knew she wanted to start and run a business, but had no idea what kind of business.

Naturally gravitating toward design, she worked her way up learning design “on the job” but ultimately enrolled in college at age 22 after feeling like she didn’t have the right piece of paper to call herself a designer.

That degree gave her that last bit of confidence she needed in order to start her first business.

She had been freelancing for a few years so she moved back to her hometown in order to build a service-based business.

She had zero clients. She didn’t know anyone.

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So she started knocking doors.

Years later, she has lots of employees and multiple businesses bringing in millions in total revenue.

To hear how Bianca has achieved so much is such a short amount of time, listen to episode 3 of our first-ever podcast, Freelance to Founder.

You can listen to the full episode below:

You can also listen to the entire first season of Freelance to Founder on our website, in iTunes, or through Pocket Casts.

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