From receptionist to best-selling author: the story of Sarah Cooper and The Cooper Review (FTF 2.7)

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You’ve witnessed numerous tricks people use to look smart in a meeting. Sarah Cooper wrote a book about it. The hilarious “100 Ideas to Look Smart in Meetings” hit bookstores in October 2016 and is still on the bestseller list.

Episode 7 of Freelance to Founder introduces you to Sarah Copper, of The Cooper Review. Learn how Sarah went from a full-time graphic designer to a full-time author and speaker.

Sarah wrote her “Top 10” list while working at Yahoo and put it away. A few years later, she decide to post it online. It took off immediately. The post went viral and led to a book deal.

But that’s not the beginning of the story.

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Sarah was an interface designer by day and a want-to-be actress and comedian by night. Her dream of becoming an actress didn’t work out as she had hoped.

She gave up the dream and went to work at Google and continued to do comedy on the side. That’s when she stumbled upon her Top 10 list she had written years earlier.

Excerpts of her list have taken the internet by storm. She started The Cooper Review as a writing outlet and continues to entertain with witty commentary.

Writing The Cooper Review is what led Sarah to leaving her full-time job. She started to realize her passion for writing was outweighing her passion for what she was doing at work.

To find out how Sarah pursued her passion, you can listen to episode 2.7 of Freelance to Founder.

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