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Jayne Bayquen
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There you are, living the dream, doing what you love, and even getting paid for it. But are you really earning what you should? My guess is: no. You work more than you should. More than you get paid for, […]


I got my first Graphic Design job straight out of college at a local construction company.  It wasn’t the most glamorous design job; fairly simple web design, signage and brochures for properties. I knew this job wasn’t going to build […]


Attracting more quality clients is a challenge for small firms and startups. Small businesses often struggle to get started establishing their brand or cutting through the noise to reach their target audience. Lack of budget is always an issue. A […]


We talk a lot about freelance contracts at Millo, because it’s a vital part of your success as a freelancer. Depending on where you live, a handshake or even an email may not be enough to settle payment disputes, copyright […]


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Just lost a major client? No business wants to find itself in that situation, but the truth is: it’s bound to happen eventually. It’s something that we don’t typically plan for, because we’re so consumed with the day to day […]


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How do you spend your weekend mornings? In a previous life, I’d have spent these coveted hours sleeping off a hangover, loading up Call of Duty, or settling in for a lengthy Netflix binge-session. The ‘Freelancer’ Weekend In the last couple years, […]


To you and me – it’s pretty simple: If I have to spend extra time on a project — because you want to add something to it that wasn’t quoted for — then obviously you have to pay for it. Simple… […]


When we look at our website’s metrics, we look at things like bounce rate, click-through (CTR), and conversions. Beyond all of this, there’s something else we’re really looking at: traffic. There are hundreds of ways to boost your traffic, but […]


If you’re reading this, you probably don’t know how effective your marketing emails are. I used to be completely in the dark, too. There’s plenty of advice online. but when do you know which methods work best for your potential […]


The freedom of working on your own can be exhilarating. And overwhelming. Many of us escaped corporate slavery because we were tired of punching a clock. The day we hit the door we left the trappings of that world and […]


If you have been a freelancer for a while, chances are you’ve encountered the special species known as ‘difficult clients’. They come in different shapes and forms. There are the super needy ones that call you three times a day […]


A few weeks ago, this conversation blew up in the Millo Mastermind group. I can understand the frustration behind watching computer-generated designs get a bunch of attention on big tech websites like The Next Web. At first reaction, it’s easy […]


You might be guilty of making critical marketing mistakes when it comes to managing your business. It’s time you addressed them. Are you a smaller business? If so, then it is likely that a “marketing budget” is something which is […]


As a freelancer, just being good at your job is not a guarantee for getting clients. Sooner or later, we all realize that it takes a lot more than just being talented or creative to find success in freelancing. Although, […]