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In the past year or so, I’ve been the “brains” behind around 6 product launches that grossed anywhere from $300k – $625k / year within a week of launching (so $25k – $52k in monthly revenue). These launches were totally […]


If you ask ten freelancers what their least favorite thing about freelancing is, I’ll bet money at least half of them say “uneven income.” The feast or famine cycle is the equivalent of the freelancer’s boogeyman, drawing shudders when you […]


Have you ever updated your Adobe Design Suite but been too busy to really investigate the new features? You keep plowing along, using the tools the way you’ve always done until they change something that requires you learn the “new way,” […]


I had a few sales calls lately, only I was the potential client. They were with very savvy marketers, too. Ones who really know their stuff, but I couldn’t believe the insanely simple, crucial mistake they were making in these calls. […]


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I first came across Elance a couple years ago when I started freelancing full time. At the time, I was willing to try most anything to get my business up and running, including: responding to ads on a Craigslist-type website […]


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Everyday, more and more people decide to leave their 9-5 job for an amazing life of freelancing. According to a new survey, 34% of the total U.S. workforce is made up of freelancers; that’s 53 million people! That means if […]


Your beautiful print project is ready. You can’t wait to see it in print. But who do you trust with your masterpiece? Which print shop is the “right one” for your project? Is it: The local guys? An online printer? […]


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In the old days when things got quiet, you simply picked up the phone and made a few calls to stir things up. Or you made a list of companies you wanted to work for and cold-called them. Now it’s […]


Following up is one of the least used and MOST powerful tools you have under your belt. I’m going to talk about why that is, how to do it, and share the $5 / month tool we use over at […]


For me as a creative entrepreneur, picking the right app can be a daunting task. First of all, I’m only one person who’s already wearing 15 different hats, so carving out time to look for productivity software is difficult for me. […]


Since I started using WordPress, I’ve been amazed at the rapidly growing number of plugins and core updates that continue to extend WordPress’s functionality and capability. (WordPress is a super-flexible CMS – content management system). One of the things I love […]


Do you always go along with client requests even if you’re not comfortable with what’s being asked of you? Are you struggling to make ends meet even though you have plenty of work? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. […]


When working day in and day out, even the life of creative professionals can get monotonous. To boost your creativity and improve the quality of your work, remember that aside from staying up on the latest trends, you also need your […]