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When you meet someone at a BBQ, in the park, or at a meetup, what do you call yourself? Are you a web designer? Graphic designer? A developer? Freelancer? Business owner? Entrepreneur? Solopreneur? Director? Company? Agency? Studio? What about the conversations you have with prospective clients? Is it the same? […]


Stop beating yourself up over little things. Realize that you’re good enough. And acknowledge that your work is worth paying for. These are just a few of the key mind-shifts you’ll need to have if you’re truly going to thrive […]


Pitches are often the very first thing that creates an impression of your business or service. If you can get the other person’s interest going at the start, rest assured 90% of your work is done. Ka-ching! But what makes a […]


Working on a freelance basis can feel incredibly liberating. Being your own boss, a relaxed working schedule and cherry picking your projects are among the most alluring benefits. You’re in complete control of your own destiny and have more control […]


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I’ve spent years building my web design business, Web123, from an idea back in 2009 to a super successful 7-figure business that can handle 30-40 website projects per month. (Our record is 42.) In case you’re wondering, I’m not talking […]


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If you’re a freelancer, promoting your business is arguably one of the most important things you need to do to stay competitive. However, maybe you’re not interested in the traditional promotional methods like business cards, trade shows and direct mail […]


A little while ago Preston and I ran a webinar on how I generated almost 400 new prospective website clients in under a week. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can check out the replay here. The response was […]


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Freelancing can feel like a dream come true. You get the the joy of cubicle-free existence, the satisfaction of creating a happy, health workplace, and the confidence of being your own boss. A 2015 study commissioned by Freelancers Union and […]


Just a year and a half after graduating from university and getting my first graduate job, I was ready to launch my own web development agency. Starting out from nothing is difficult. One of the main challenges that I faced […]


It’s truly amazing what getting knocked down 4,873 times can teach you. I mean honestly, if you knew how hard it would be to run a successful design business, would you still do it? In the early days, I remember feeling […]


Firing your client seems almost unheard of. After all, isn’t the backbone of any thriving business a large customer base? You may think so, but some clients aren’t worth your time. By devoting your time to clients that you find […]


I recently became part of a small team for a digital agency based in San Francisco. We’d spent 3 weeks prepping for a pitch for a client prospect. During the preparation process, I found myself drawing a lot of parallels […]


I remember receiving some bad news earlier in my career from a client that I was doing some identity work for. We’d finished the logo, moved on to the stationery, and were just about to wrap things up when my […]