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For me as a creative entrepreneur, picking the right app can be a daunting task. First of all, I’m only one person who’s already wearing 15 different hats, so carving out time to look for productivity software is difficult for me. […]


Since I started using WordPress, I’ve been amazed at the rapidly growing number of plugins and core updates that continue to extend WordPress’s functionality and capability. (WordPress is a super-flexible CMS – content management system). One of the things I love […]


Do you always go along with client requests even if you’re not comfortable with what’s being asked of you? Are you struggling to make ends meet even though you have plenty of work? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. […]


When working day in and day out, even the life of creative professionals can get monotonous. To boost your creativity and improve the quality of your work, remember that aside from staying up on the latest trends, you also need your […]


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Here at Millo we’re always promoting creating a business (and career) you love. This typically involves building a business from the ground up and being your own boss. And without a doubt, being an entrepreneur is a fantastic job. I […]


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Supervising a project can be an overwhelming task. Too many projects fail because little mistakes accumulate and hit the project like a big fire ball. In fact, one study found that 13.5% of each dollar invested in a project becomes completely […]


Take a moment and run through the first 15 minutes of your day with me. Any day of the week, a “work day,” the weekend, any day you like. What does your morning routine look like? You wake up. You […]


The KEYSTONE to winning over new clients is a great proposal. After all, it’s the final item you send them before they make their decision. A lot rests on it, so you have to do it right. Here’s the exact […]


You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn Subconsciously, we are greatly affected and influenced by the people we spend the most time interacting with (they don’t have to live next […]


We’ve all experienced clients that aren’t our favorites, from the ones that we’re just not excited about to the ones that we cringe at when we see their phone call or email. Why is it that we get “bad” clients? […]


For those of you who’ve made the leap into full-time freelancing, the ebb and flow of new business can be especially unnerving. You’ve cast aside your full-time safety net, and now have to keep the fish biting in order to […]


I love Illustrator so much. (What’s your favorite design software? Tell me.) Despite some snags that cropped up with the CC conversion, I have a very happy long-term relationship with Illustrator. But it CAN be frustrating, so here are a […]


What gets measured gets moved. As best as I can tell this is a mis-quote of Peter Drucker, but it’s a very potent philosophy. Whether you’re working on the tiny blog, the hyper-growth startup, or the established industry titan, one common […]