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I wanted to be a writer since the first grade. I remember the day like it was yesterday… My teacher told me the Principal wanted to see me in her office. I was terrified.  Every time someone went to the […]


3 seconds is a pretty long time. We usually form an opinion based on visual perceptions much faster. Just think about how quickly you “scan” a brochure on its way from your mail to your waste box or what’s the […]


Lisa Glanz started her career cutting out soccer players in Photoshop for a magazine company. Today 90% of her income comes from selling on design marketplaces. We sat down to chat with Lisa about how online sales allowed her to make a decent […]


Meet Pat the Baker. Pat loves baking cakes, and one sunny morning decided that he wanted to bake the most perfect, delicious, beautiful cake for his new friend, Patty. But Pat had a problem… … He had no idea what […]


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Plenty of stand-up comedians have had fun skewering the silliness of the “What’s your greatest weakness?” question that job interviewers often ask. The two best comedic answers I’ve ever heard are, “I really struggle with attendance,” and, “For me the […]


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Testimonials are one of the most powerful sales tools you can have. Nothing beats other people saying you are who you say you are. In this video, I break down simple secrets about when and how to ask for them […]


Ever feel like finding a client on social media is about as achievable as winning the lottery? Maybe you’ve seen tons of stories online about how successful freelance writers are landing clients from Twitter, LinkedIn, or another social site. Yet, […]


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Why would anyone choose an uncertain career path that involves facing fears, having to work harder than ever before and not actually knowing if you’ll be able to bring in enough income to continue living as you’d like to? What […]


As a freelancer, it absolutely sucks to start out booking work for each month at $0.00. Because starting over from nothing means that every single month—while you’re also trying to juggle client work, produce your own content, and respond to […]


Our agency’s workflow used to look like this, and while it went well most of the time… it also led to heartache, never-ending projects, and early-onset baldness due to pulling all of our hair out: Conduct all research Create copy […]


Freelance and design go well together. The biggest question you need to ask is how much college complicates the matter. Fortunately, the problem has already been solved. We know about the challenges that come with being a college student and starting […]


Testimonials are so incredibly important to getting new clients, yet so often they’re not used at all, or used incorrectly. In today’s video, learn why you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using testimonials, & how to format them in […]


When sending an initial client intake questionnaire, proposal, contract, initial designs, or anything where you’ve asked a client to take action, you need to follow up if you don’t hear back from them. Many freelancers don’t realize how important it […]