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A while back I was browsing the web when my partner sent me a link. When I opened it my inner-marketer instantly lit up. InVision (the really cool quick-prototyping / collaboration tool) launched a totally free iOS UI Kit called TETHR. […]


Being a freelancer can be tough. Sometimes, even with a regular practice of daily marketing, the work is slow and we find ourselves staring at our monitor with nothing to do. Instead of sending out another 50 cold emails to […]


I want to make something abundantly clear before getting started. Just because you’re a freelancer, doesn’t mean that you have to settle for mediocre pay. Yes, I know that there are countless other designers, developers, and writers who are willing […]


This past year I was lucky enough to be selected as the designer behind the new Millo logo. Preston reached out to a number of designers but ended up choosing me due to my quick response time and my stellar […]


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You wake up. You struggle to get kids up and to school or daycare. You worry about the little one – he’s had a cough lately. What will your boss think of you missing yet another day of work to […]


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It’s been almost a year now since I made the somewhat nerve-racking decision to quit my full-time job without having a new one to go to. I had been working in different marketing roles for over 7 years. I really […]


Your portfolio is what sets you apart from the thousands of other designers online. Have you ever thought what it says about you? Most of us have. But after we’ve created one, many of us take a “set it and forget […]


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There is a lot of really good information out there about pricing, and when I was starting out I read a lot of it. I quickly settled on a combined system of flat rate and hourly that works very well […]


Great news: the “starving artist” cliché doesn’t have to be your reality. The truth is, business is everywhere. But we have to train ourselves to look in the right places to uncover new opportunities. The great news is that it’s […]


Running a business is not for the faint of heart. Especially a business that relies so much on repeat orders, finding new customers, and high-ticket sales. If you’re a freelancer or an aspiring agency you know what I’m talking about. […]


I was eating at my favorite restaurant the other day (Harlow here in Portland!) when I looked across the room and noticed something brilliant. It’s something I’ve seen about a hundred or so times before, and didn’t really think much […]


There are a ton of articles out there that talk about the top lettering artists to follow on Instagram. The artists and designers that have over 50,000 followers, that are in the limelight of in the industry. But what about […]


After writing this article on scheduling your life around working from home here at Millo not long ago, I was sieged with comments and questions about how the calendar works for me. Many of you echoed Grace’s feelings below: It’s taking that first step […]