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As a freelancer, just being good at your job is not a guarantee for getting clients. Sooner or later, we all realize that it takes a lot more than just being talented or creative to find success in freelancing. Although, […]


Referrals from existing clients are one of the most effective ways to generate new business. This is true across industries and business models. It is especially important, however, for web designers and other freelancers. Getting web design clients or clients […]


Years ago I remember studying a direct mail letter from the amazing copywriter, Gary Halbert. The letter performed well, but on a hunch, Gary changed one small detail. The results of the letter instantly grew by quite a lot. The […]


Hello friend guy lady or other, A little over a month ago, I joined Louis C.K.’s mailing list to purchase an episode of “Horace and Pete,” as well as to receive the occasional update/announcement. By the way, in case you’re curious; […]


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Most of us struggle to find the financial means for purchasing Adobe Photoshop and related products, let’s face it…. they’re expensive. Even the monthly/yearly subscription models seem like a complete rip-off. However, subject to the type of your usage and […]


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It happened to me. I wanted to say no to a project badly. I was running through a list of excuses in my mind, even having slight nightmares about this project. There was just something inside me that kept me […]


One of the most important things in getting steady work is having a set client onboarding process that will transform potential customers into paying clients. Once that client inquiry lands in your inbox, you need to act quickly to guide […]


I’ll never forget what landed us one of the worst clients we ever got, years ago. Back then we didn’t have many clients, so we fought for each one that came our way. We fought for this particular project too […]


Clients are the lifeblood of every freelance business. Even though they drive us crazy, we love them just the same 🙂 But there are some clients that just aren’t worth it, no matter how much money they seem to have. Read […]


According a HubSpot study, if your business has less than 10 employees, you should be publishing content 11 times per month. Businesses that posted 11+ pieces of content monthly drove up to 3x more traffic than those that published 0-1 posts per month. […]


When I was 16, I dropped out of high school. It was not where I needed to be. I was strung out on drugs, and my home life was full of dysfunction, fighting, and loneliness. All I knew was I […]


A while back I was browsing the web when my partner sent me a link. When I opened it my inner-marketer instantly lit up. InVision (the really cool quick-prototyping / collaboration tool) launched a totally free iOS UI Kit called TETHR. […]


Being a freelancer can be tough. Sometimes, even with a regular practice of daily marketing, the work is slow and we find ourselves staring at our monitor with nothing to do. Instead of sending out another 50 cold emails to […]


I want to make something abundantly clear before getting started. Just because you’re a freelancer, doesn’t mean that you have to settle for mediocre pay. Yes, I know that there are countless other designers, developers, and writers who are willing […]