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Freelance to Founder is a unique weekly podcast featuring coaching calls co-hosted by Clay and Preston, two freelancers-turned-business-builders. Instead of typical interviews, each week a new freelancer calls in to talk with Clay and Preston with one goal in mind: overcoming the feast/famine cycle and scaling their service business. The highly acclaimed, top-rated podcast is a weekly dive into what it really takes to go from freelance to founder.

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S14 E2 — 61 min

Client Referrals: Dangerous or Powerful?

On today’s show: if you get most of your clients from referrals, is that a good thing? Or is your business at risk of failing? You’re about to hear a coaching call with Dwaynia who’s calling in from Alabama in the USA. Dwaynia has a great writing business going. She’s working with clients sh ....

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S14 E1 — 66 min

The Power of Automation

On today’s “best of” episode which originally aired in Oct 2020, Preston has a one-on-one conversation with James Rose. James is a total rockstar when it comes to automating tasks in your business. In fact, as you’ll hear by the end of this conversation, in order to accomplish everything Jam ....

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S13 E12 — 46 min

Powerful Lead Generation Strategy for 2022

On today’s show, it’s Clay’s birthday, so he has the day off, but I have a great conversation with Yash who built an agency from 2 people to over 55 employees in just a few years.  Now, Yash is building a tool called ClientJoy—helping thousands of freelancers and agency-builders take contro ....

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S13 E11 — 55 min

Scaling without Sacrificing Personality

On today’s episode, we have a coaching call with Eva—a branding expert from Portugal. Eva has gained some nice traction on Instagram and delivers her clients a highly customized service when it comes to her entire on-boarding process. But her attention to detail and propensity for perfectionism  ....

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S13 E10 — 62 min

Our Mega Productivity Episode

Today is our mega-productivity episode. It’s nearly an hour of our best tips, tricks, tools, and advice for getting more done and making more money with less time and effort. That’s the dream right: keep growing your business without working yourself to death. And in today’s show, that’s ex ....

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S13 E9 — 58 min

To Retire Early, Hire These People

On today’s show, we chat with Carey from where his business has taken off over the years. Carey is a bit further along in life than many of our guests and is contemplating retirement.  But instead of just selling his business, he wonders: can he just hire the right people to  ....

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S13 E8 — 53 min

Spend Money to Make Money?

On today’s show, our guest skipped out, so Clay and I hit record to discuss something we see a lot of business builders get wrong: marketing budgets. You know that phrase, “you’ve got to spend money to make money”? Well, you might have thought: "that’s not necessarily true. I get referrals ....

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S13 E7 — 63 min

Charge Like a Founder—Not an Employee

Today we have a coaching call with Joseph, a digital nomad working in Mexico. Joseph is building his Wordpress development company on the side of his day job with dreams of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. But there’s one major thing standing in Joseph’s way. As you’ll hear him explain duri ....

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S13 E6 — 56 min

When You're Too Busy to Scale

On today’s episode, we have a great conversation with Will Gibbons—a product rendering guru who works with huge brands like Pelaton, 3M, Vizio and more. After a year of working for himself, Will is facing perhaps one of the best problems you can ask for as a freelancer: He’s got too many clien ....

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S13 E5 — 53 min

Crushing it with Cold Outreach

On today’s episode, we have a coaching call with Mohcine who’s building a facebook ads business from Morrocco. Mohcine has had some great success getting jobs on Upwork, but he’s ready to diversify his marketing and has decided to go with cold outreach for starters. Clay and I give Mohcine eno ....

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S13 E4 — 53 min

If We Had to Start Over from Scratch...

Today, I (Preston) got a text from Clay. "I just let my entire team go." It took me completely by surprise, but also got me thinking about what it would take to start all over. On today’s episode, Clay and I answer the question: “what would we do differently if we had to start freelancing from s ....

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S13 E3 — 55 min

Getting Clients to Trust Your Team

On today’s show, we’re joined by Chad who’s working on building his agency in Utah, USA. Chad works with clients all over the world. They hire him because they like and trust him.  But now, Chad is beginning to hire some freelancers to help get the work done in his business and he's wondering ....

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