You Know You're a Freelance Designer When… #1

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Editor’s Note: Hey everyone, I would like to introduce you to Ken Reynolds, a very talented freelance designer and illustrator. Ken is helping me with a brand-new weekend comic series here at GDB. Take a look at the first of many entertaining freelance design comics found below and be sure to take time to welcome Ken by leaving a comment. Thanks, Ken, for helping out with this fun new addition to GDB!


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About Ken Reynolds
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  • Caryn

    Isn’t this the truth? Nice way to capture this common frustration in illustration, Ken, and welcome to GDB!

  • Joe Malleck

    This is so true! I drive my wife nuts! I always think 3 months ahead to allowing myself plenty of room to worry. 😉

  • behzad

    Running your own business = worrying :)
    I like your drawings. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Ken Reynolds

    Thanks for taking the time to comment guys, it’s appreciated. I’m excited to see how this idea will develop over time, and hope you’ll keep popping back to check on it’s progress!

  • Rhonda B

    Ha, love it! Thanks for the laugh. I can’t wait for future ones.

  • Haron

    wow… these comics really depict me… well some of them. great job. these are great keep it up!

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