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“I’m always thinking about the client’s finances as though they were mine.” I got this message the other day and hear this all the time from other freelancers. The basic message here is freelancers telling themselves, “I wouldn’t buy the […]


Not too long ago, I came across a website that had a scrolling marquee, animated text, and even used Comic Sans as the main font. What?! Seriously – it looked like it hadn’t been updated since 1997! And you know […]


Look for information on how to land freelance writing clients, and you’ll come across a lot of different methods, like: Using SEO on your website to attract clients Using inbound marketing Writing guest blog posts that establish you as an industry expert While […]


A key difference between freelancers charging low rates and freelancers charging premium rates for their services is how they portray themselves to potential clients. Freelancers charging higher rates see themselves as experts in their field and act more like consultants […]


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It doesn’t matter how successful you are or how expensive your image is, you’ll always get bargain requests as a freelancer: requests to do work for “sweat equity,” exposure, trades, etc. Case in point: those LinkedIn messages I’m sure you […]


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How is your website traffic doing? Is it performing as well as you had hoped it would? While most website owners want lots of good, qualified traffic to their site, the truth is that many suffer from poor website traffic. […]


3 years ago, if someone looked in a crystal ball and predicted that on a cold November evening under the bright light of the super moon, I would be writing an article for an American blog – I would have a […]


If you’re anything like me, you hate doing revisions on a project. You understand that they’re part of the territory, so you accept them. But in general, the fewer revisions a client requires of you, the better. And for my […]


For yet another year in a row at Reliable PSD, we’ve more than doubled revenue. I’m 100% not saying that to brag and be like “Oooh look at me!” (although we are extremely proud!) – but to stress something super […]


Today, I’m happy to announce that Millo is launching two all-new podcasts for freelancers and solopreneurs. Here’s everything you might want to know about the new shows: First, the shows are called Freelance to Founder and Sidegig. Our mission here at Millo […]


“How do I handle a client who repeatedly pays late?” I get this question from a lot of the freelancers I work with. Chasing after payment is a huge time and energy suck that almost all freelancers experience at one […]


Confession: I don’t think I’ll ever stop having “fellow freelancer” envy. I’ll never stop comparing my website’s design with someone else’s. I’ll never stop comparing prices and calculating comparable incomes. I know it’s not healthy, but I do it anyway. […]


I didn’t think the New Year would affect me at all. Most holidays don’t. Most “events” don’t. But when December 31 rolled over into January 1, I felt something. Maybe it was the collective excitement of the world. I don’t […]


You read about them, hear about them, but never really meet them. You probably have had a few great experiences with your clients. But those fantastic human beings, who will instantly fall in love with your work and cannot wait to hire you […]