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Raising rates can be done in two ways: Rip off the band-aid. Say, “To hell with it!” and raise them now, without warning (or with warning), and let the pieces fall where they may. 2) With the method outlined in […]

“How do I gracefully tell a client I am increasing my rates? I’m upping my hourly rate by about 35%, which is approximately a $12 increase. This client is bigger than any of my other clients, and takes up more […]

A key difference between freelancers charging low rates and freelancers charging premium rates for their services is how they portray themselves to potential clients. Freelancers charging higher rates see themselves as experts in their field and act more like consultants […]

A little while ago Preston and I ran a webinar on how I generated almost 400 new prospective website clients in under a week. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can check out the replay here. The response was […]

Social Media has transformed the whole marketing concept since the time of its inception. Today no business organization, regardless of their size, operating-sector and preferences, can afford to stay out of social media. The reason is very simple – the […]

There are only three main ways to earn more revenue in your freelance business: 1. Get more clients 2. Get clients to buy from you more frequently 3. Get paid more per project Of the three, getting paid more per […]

Paraphrasing what the Beatles once famously sang, we can all get by with a little help. And as that’s true in life, it’s also true of our freelance businesses. A time might come when you’ll be better off accepting help […]

Becoming a world class chef. Building a “buffet-like” investment portfolio. Earning $3500+/month working less than 20 hours per week. All these achievements were once thought to be impossible to obtain by many people. Yet, after personally starting to earn more […]

For much of his early career, comedian and former Tonight Show host Jay Leno employed a famously tough-as-nails manager — many called her vicious — named Helen Kushnick. Kushnick negotiated ferociously on behalf of Leno and all of her other […]

In November 2002, I had a lot of reasons to be more than happy. I had just returned from a trip I had made with my brand-new car, I had a considerable amount in my bank account, I worked as a […]

Who here doesn’t want to double their income? I’m not talking about doubling the time you spend working. I think none of us want to do that. But who can honestly say no to more money? Let alone, double the […]

You are doing a great job. Your working hours seem countless. You certainly deserve more money and respect. This is what most of the blog posts you read are telling you, right? Only, they haven’t seen your work. And they don’t have […]

Being a freelancer is tough in so many respects. Yet, you have the awesome skill set that is valuable to someone, which sparked the urge to strike out on your own in the first place. With freelancing, there’s so much […]

It’s a pretty common phrase around the freelancing world—“charge what you’re worth.” But I think it’s doing more harm than good. In fact, I think it could be completely killing or holding back some freelancers. I know you mean well. […]

Firing your client seems almost unheard of. After all, isn’t the backbone of any thriving business a large customer base? You may think so, but some clients aren’t worth your time. By devoting your time to clients that you find […]

You wake up. You struggle to get kids up and to school or daycare. You worry about the little one – he’s had a cough lately. What will your boss think of you missing yet another day of work to […]

Do you believe you and your work are valuable? While most of us would respond with a resounding “yes,” the biggest roadblock creatives face when it comes to switching to value-based pricing is a lack of self-worth. (Or at least it […]

In the past year or so, I’ve been the “brains” behind around 6 product launches that grossed anywhere from $300k – $625k / year within a week of launching (so $25k – $52k in monthly revenue). These launches were totally […]

If you ask ten freelancers what their least favorite thing about freelancing is, I’ll bet money at least half of them say “uneven income.” The feast or famine cycle is the equivalent of the freelancer’s boogeyman, drawing shudders when you […]

I first came across Elance a couple years ago when I started freelancing full time. At the time, I was willing to try most anything to get my business up and running, including: responding to ads on a Craigslist-type website […]

One of my favorite business books of all time comes from Chris Guillebeau and it’s titled The $100 Startup*. The book is packed full of great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here’s one that really resonated with me and can help […]

About a year ago I came to a realization that completely changed my life: I realized that if I just kept jumping from freelance project to freelance project I would never get where I wanted to in life. I would […]

If actively seeking out and finding clients is something you enjoy, then it’s safe for you to skip this post. To be clear: I’m talking about the “business” stuff everyone always says we have to do, even though a small […]

As I mentioned before in this post, recently I interviewed 9 amazing veteran freelancers, each on a different challenging topic they have personal experience excelling in. From hiring employees to overcoming self-doubt, here are bits of the wonderful information four […]

Have you ever struggled to write a contract for ongoing work? You’re not alone. One Millo reader commented: Love the article you posted today about freelance with a contract. I’m curious, I can’t seem to find much out there for inspiration […]

It’s finally here! Today, we’re releasing April Greer’s all-new ebook bundle How Much Should I Charge? A simple guide to getting paid what you deserve. And, in case you missed the post last week, we’re giving away a FREE Skype […]

When you’re first starting out as a freelancer, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of offering discounts, cutting rates, or doing work completely free. Even as a seasoned freelancer, if you’re not careful, you might end up using […]

Being a freelancer can be exhilarating. You choose your hours, you call the shots and you work for yourself…. or do you? Take a step back for one moment and think about it. Do you really work for yourself? You […]

One of the most common pieces of advice I see freelancers offering other freelancers is “get referrals.” That’s because it is one of the best pieces of advice there is. Referrals are one of the best ways to get new clients. They […]

You all know April, right? If you don’t yet, I would recommend you read through some of her posts here at Millo. She’s quickly becoming a seriously great author on this blog. Not only does she write about some awesome […]

I’ve had an interesting paradigm shift lately. I have had need to hire a few freelance designers to take over projects I simply don’t have time for. This means I’ve had a chance to interview them (which I wrote about […]

Opportunities quickly become nightmares when a freelance worker takes on a bad client. Whether you work as a designer, developer, writer, or other professional, the joys of freelancing can turn to angst when a client becomes bent on paying you […]

The traditional New Year Resolution: some dread it and some embrace it. Of course, it’s not always easy to sit down and decide what we hope to accomplish over the next year. Below you will find a few ideas that […]