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At Millo, we’re working hard to tell the real stories of freelancers, solopreneurs, and bootstrappers via our podcasts. They’re all completely different in format and none of them are your run-of-the-mill interview shows.

Take a look, click the links to learn more and let us know what you think!

Freelance to Founder

Freelance to Founder tells the stories of freelancers and solopreneurs who have scaled their businesses to be much bigger than themselves.

The show features some of the coolest stories and biggest brands in freelancing and solopreneurship—Sean McCabe (seanwes brand), Brennan Dunn (Double Your Freelancing), Corbett Barr & Chase Reeves (Fizzle), Bianca Board (Foxley), Michael O’Neal (Solopreneur Hour Podcast), Jeff Sheldon (Ugmonk) and lots more!

These aren’t interviews. They’re once a week fully produced narrative shows you’ll be hooked on from episode one.

Listen to an episode below or hear all 40+ episodes right here.

Season six of Freelance to Founder was sponsored by Gusto.



Sidegig is a talk show hosted by 3 guys who have built successful side-businesses all while working a 9-5 job.

Preston, Ryan, and Ian swap stories, share tips, and explore the world of building a side-hustle in a raw, unedited, open way—exactly what you need when you’re starting your own business on the side.

Each episode is packed with actionable advice and real-life solutions to the problems you’ll face when starting, growing, or scaling your side business.

Listen to an episode below or catch all episodes available now by clicking here.

My Freelance Life

My Freelance Life is a weekly check-in with Andy, a desk-jobber-turned-full-time-freelancer. A few months ago, Andy left his full-time job with the goal of freelancing and traveling the world with his wife, Brittnee.

Every week, show host Preston will pick Andy’s brain and discover the truth behind what really happens when you decide to quit your job and pursue freelancing full-time.

Join Andy as he gives us a peek inside one of his most epic adventures yet.

You can listen to the trailer below and learn more here.

Episodes 1-9 of My Freelance Life are sponsored by Freshbooks, the #1 invoicing software for freelancers.


Can you really run a successful business AND make time for your art and creativity?

Enter the dilemma of Shannon DeJong. A freelance namer (yes, that’s a job!) turned CEO of a quickly growing brand agency in the Bay Area.

Unable to deny either part of herself (the deal-making CEO or the sensitive poet), Shannon intends to be a new kind of CEO – an ArtistCEO who makes business and art live in harmony.

But can she really pull it off when her team and clients need her? Host Kerri Lowe guides us through Shannon’s ups, downs, revelations and existential crises on the way to honoring both sides of her being.

Part narrative documentary, part performance art, part live-your-values kick-in-the-pants – ArtistCEO is made for anyone who is trying to make business and art play nice.

Listen to the first episode below or catch all episodes available now by clicking here.

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We’re also looking into partnering with show creators or acquiring new shows over the next year. If you have an idea for a podcast or have a podcast you’d like to partner with Millo on, please reach out to our content team at [email protected].

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