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Three years ago, I realized that working at a mind-numbing 9-to-5 corporate job just wasn’t for me. I looked at my boss, and my boss’s boss and noticed that I wasn’t interested in their positions or what they did on […]

If you’re thinking about quitting your job to pursue freelancing full-time, consider Andys wise words: “The amount of savings you have is the amount of time you can afford before you have to look for a job again.” In today’s […]

July marks 6 months from switching from my 9-5 office job into a full-time freelance life. In the past 6 months there have been mountain highs, valley lows, and everything in-between. If you want to learn more about first-hand experience […]

I wanted to be a writer since the first grade. I remember the day like it was yesterday… My teacher told me the Principal wanted to see me in her office. I was terrified.  Every time someone went to the […]

One of the first pieces of business advice you’ll hear is how it’s a good idea to save at least 6 months to a year of living expenses before trying to win big at full-time freelancing. While this is wise advice from […]

When my wife, Jamie, and I graduated from college in 2010, there were two things we never thought we’d be doing for a living: freelancing, and teaching. Who wants the stress of not knowing when your next paycheck is going […]

It’s been almost a year now since I made the somewhat nerve-racking decision to quit my full-time job without having a new one to go to. I had been working in different marketing roles for over 7 years. I really […]

I’m one of those strange workaholic creatures doubly blessed with an enjoyable full-time job and a thriving freelance business. By day, I do real estate marketing for a large group of entrepreneurial-minded agents and a small, well-respected brand. By night, […]

Are you longing for the day when you can turn your side hustle into your main hustle? Or maybe you’ve already taken the plunge and business isn’t at all what you expected to be. Perhaps you’re not currently working and figure […]

Everyday, more and more people decide to leave their 9-5 job for an amazing life of freelancing. According to a new survey, 34% of the total U.S. workforce is made up of freelancers; that’s 53 million people! That means if […]

Maybe you’re still only dreaming about starting your own design business. Or perhaps you’re doing a few side-jobs in your free time hoping to start a design business full-time. Maybe you’ve just started your design business but need a bit […]

Ok, I’m calling you out. Why aren’t you freelancing? You know you want to start freelancing, you know you’re talented. So what’s stopping you from freelancing full-time or, at a minimum, on the side of your full-time job? Today, I […]

The purpose of this article is to help you understand how to start freelancing without quitting your job. We always hear about the freelancing vs. working for someone else argument. But why are the two ideas always mutually exclusive? I […]

A lot of Millo readers I talk to say something like: “I’ve been getting ready to make the switch to freelancing for months now, and I think I’m almost ready to take the leap.” Today, I want to crush all […]

Hands down, the most common reason Millo readers haven’t made the change to start freelancing is because they fear the loss of “job security.” And while I’m a huge advocate of having a day job (only if it adds value […]

One of the most important, overlooked aspects of owning your own design business is preparation for the inevitable rainy day. What would you do if something happened and you needed to take some time off? If you can’t pay your […]

Today is an unusual day for me. I’m working from home. As many of you know, I’m not a full-time always-work-from-home freelance designer. I have a full time job too. (Don’t hate me, remember?) But today, I’m working from home. […]

When I relaunched this brand new version of Millo earlier this year, I asked you to submit your ideas for posts you’d like to see over the next 12 months. (Haven’t had a chance to submit your request? Click here […]

I‘ve been there before. You wake up every morning, dreading the day ahead of you. You drag yourself into work, find a pile of sticky notes on your desk, make it through lunch, and work through the afternoon looking at […]

There’s an old saying that warns, be careful what you wish for. There are thousands of freelancers who once wished for a consistent demand of their service, only to reach their goal and realize that they can’t handle it. While […]

More than a decade on from the dot-com bust of the early ‘00s, it seems we finally have a handle on monetising the web. We’ve gone from total ignorance of this interconnected web of phone lines and computers called the […]

 It’s been months since Andy started freelancing full-time. Which means he now has time to do a lot more things he cares about outside of work. For starters, he freelances full-time, he’s moving to France, he’s in a local […]

You’re sick and tired of your office job that seems to be going nowhere and long to have more meaningful work and control over your career. You have skills in writing or design that you can’t use in your current […]

A highly accomplished freelancer once told me, “If you want to succeed at freelancing, you’d better start thinking like an entrepreneur.” I was speechless, in disbelief at her statement. Me, an entrepreneur? I was a writer, after all, not a […]

For 5 weeks now, we’ve been checking in with Andy on his journey from full-time desk-jobber to full-time freelancer on our new podcast, My Freelance Life. A big part of the reason Andy wanted to start freelancing full-time was to […]

5 am wake-up calls, 15-hour work days, no weekends, and very little sleep. More than likely that doesn’t sound like a very enticing life to anyone, myself included. However, a little less than a year ago, that was my every […]

Taking your schedule into your own hands can be magical. But it can also present a very unique set of challenges—which Andy is discovering now that he’s his own boss. One of the biggest reasons Andy started freelancing was to […]

Welcome to episode one of My Freelance Life—a brand-new podcast from the team here at Millo. I’m Preston—founder of Millo—and joining me on the show is my friend Andy. A few months ago, Andy and I worked together at a […]

Gig economy company Fiverr has acquired AND CO—a human+app solution for managing your freelance business. Earlier today, I received an email from Mario, the Chief of Staff at AND CO which has quickly become one of my favorite Saas products […]

 Today, we’re excited to launch our third podcast—one we’ve been working on for months—called My Freelance Life. The show takes a unique approach to exploring the world of freelancing. Just a few months ago, I worked at a small tech […]

I spent eight months, from August 2016 to March 2017, developing my first ever e-course. The one that was going to end my time-for-money struggles forever, give me more passive income than I could ever dream of, and make me […]

Just for the fun of it, type in “accounting software” into your favorite search engine and see what appears. When I Googled it, I found a list of apps, ads and reviews of the top online accounting software programs. Figuring […]

One of the scariest parts of freelancing for me is dealing with money. I consider myself an artist, and don’t want to be bothered with things like finances and taxes. But in order to be successful as a freelancer, I […]

Going full-time freelance means leaving the comfort of a steady paycheck. But many freelancers find they make as much or more money once they make the switch. If you’re someone stuck in an office job or a freelancer wondering how […]

Millo Mastermind is a great place to talk shop about the business side of freelancing. We’re all great designers, writers, illustrators and artists, but the thought of contracts and pricing and scope creep can send even the most battle-tested freelancers […]

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a freelancer about how to jumpstart her career, and in our discussion, this question popped up: “Stefan, I’ve been freelancing for three months so far and everything looks good. I managed […]

I worked in a small sushi restaurant for years before I started freelancing full-time. It was a tiny little place, the kind that only seats about 20 people and most of them at the bar. Working in such a small […]

Being a freelancer seems glamorous, even romantic at times. The notion of working when you want, how you want, and only on projects you deem worthy sounds too good to be true. While it’s true that freelancing is pretty darn […]

A friend and fellow copywriter recently asked me for productivity advice. This guy has worked for years as a full-time, in-house writer for a large corporation, and now he’s ready to make the jump to freelancing. Brave guy. That move […]

Why would anyone choose an uncertain career path that involves facing fears, having to work harder than ever before and not actually knowing if you’ll be able to bring in enough income to continue living as you’d like to? What […]

If you’re like me and value practical, actionable advice, you might be thinking something like this right now: Mindset? Seriously? How the heck is that going to help me make more money? I get it – I really do. It’s […]

Before starting my career as a full-time freelance blogger, I used to sell landing page designing gigs on Fiverr part-time. Back then, I used to make $2,000+ each month with little effort on my end, and so far I’ve made […]

One of the basic tenets of business is to keep expenses low and profits high. Over the last few years, particularly in the tech startup world, an extreme form of this theory, called bootstrapping, has become extremely popular. Bootstrapping is […]

I got my first Graphic Design job straight out of college at a local construction company.  It wasn’t the most glamorous design job; fairly simple web design, signage and brochures for properties. I knew this job wasn’t going to build […]