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Which fonts convert best in web design & are you using them?

Apr 08, 2015

You know what makes up a good website: great color scheme, intuitive navigation, and awesome calls-to-action (among many other things). Since all of these elements are calculated to stand out, it make...

What are the best fonts for logos? + how to pick the perfect one

Mar 20, 2015

Out of the thousands of fonts available online, how can you know which are the best fonts for logos? (Especially when many of them start looking the same after a while.) This task is even harder if n...

5 Fonts that will kill your design (and 5 great alternatives)

Oct 08, 2014

It seems like trends these days come to life and go to the grave in the time it takes to eat a sandwich. Designers have a difficult job of keeping abreast of typography trends and an even more difficu...