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Should I quit my job? 21 Signs that you need to make a change

There has come a point in everyone’s life where we think, “should I quit my job?” We may all question quitting our jobs, but how do we know if it’s really the right thing to do? Let’s ta... > i-hate-my-job

If I hate my job, what should I do next? The answers you’ve been looking for

If you find yourself saying “I hate my job” more often than you change your clothes, it might be time for a change. Keep in mind that there is no perfect job. As we go through life, diffic... > i-want-to-work-for-myself

Want to work for yourself? — pros, cons + tips for deciding your next step

“I want to work for myself.” It’s probably something you’ve repeated to yourself as you’re sitting at work, watching the clock, waiting for the little hand to hit 5. So m... > 60-free-ebooks-thatll-help-master-creative-freelancing

60+ free eBooks that’ll help you master creative freelancing

Are you a creative freelancer looking for some high-quality, free reading material? Then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve combed the internet to collect the best free eBooks for designers, voi... > ask-referrals-existing-clients

How to ask for referrals from your existing clients

Referrals from existing clients are one of the most effective ways to generate new business. This is true across industries and business models. It is especially important, however, for web designers ... > 14-freelance-design-mistakes-you-might-be-guilty-of

14 Freelancing mistakes you might be guilty of

This article contains a list of common mistakes that freelancers make. If you enjoy this article you may also want to read “10 Steps to becoming a successful freelancer” and “22 logo... > what-creative-freelancers-need-to-know-about-intellectual-property

Everything you should know about intellectual property

You’re a creative freelancer, not a lawyer. You’re more focused on your HTML, PSDs, design principles, or finding the perfect sketching tool than legalese and intellectual property (IP). (... > time-management-not-issue-instead

The real reason there’s not enough time in your day (hint: it’s not poor time management)

We’ve all said we don’t have the time. Wearing your creative/marketing/financial hat has you working long hours, sometimes for little or no pay depending on the task at hand. You may even ... > entrepreneur

Am I an entrepreneur?

Am I an entrepreneur? And I don’t mean like how most of the world these days considers themselves to be an entrepreneur. I don’t mean do I include “entrepreneurially-minded” on my resume or do... > 10-awesome-apps-for-productivity-and-project-management

11 Awesome apps for productivity and project management

For me as a creative entrepreneur, picking the right app can be a daunting task. First of all, I’m the only one person who’s already wearing 15 different hats, so carving out time to look...