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How to get a professional email address that matches your company brand

In today’s business world there’s one form of communication that surpasses phone calls, face to face meetings, instant messaging, and traditional mail — it’s email! Email is how just a... > should-freelancers-work-directly-with-clients-or-hire-a-middle-man

Should freelancers work directly with clients or hire a middle man?

Some may call it the lazy way to freelance, but I like to think of it as a way to focus your time on the projects instead of looking for them. First off – if you’re unfamiliar with what (or who) a... > use-email-marketing-to-find-new-clients

How our agency uses email marketing to find new clients fast

When you’re ready to make a big purchase… let’s say a new computer… you probably go steps like these: First, you start getting tired of the old one. So you start browsing around some websites,... > what-does-a-copywriter-do

What Does a Copywriter Do on a Daily Basis?

For some reason, advertising—as a career—has fascinated people for as long as it has been around. There are 1000s of movies and books featuring a protagonist who works in advertising. Many people ... > how-to-become-a-grant-writer

How to Become a Grant Writer in 14 Steps

Do you want to know how to become a grant writer? It’s a great career field to get into! This blog post will outline 14 steps to help you become a grant writing pro. We’ll cover everything... > testimonials-hidden-goldmine-use-like

Your Client Testimonials are a Hidden Goldmine (If You Use Them Like This)

Testimonials are more important than just about anything else on your website. If you had a headline that said “We make awesome websites that help businesses grow” followed by 20 testimonials from... > digital-nomad-jobs

10 Top-Paying Digital Nomad Jobs to Make Bank from Anywhere

Thanks to the pandemic, digital nomad jobs are becoming more popular than ever. Remote work is skyrocketing. Maybe you’ve realized your role can be done completely from home. Or maybe you lost your ... > how-to-promote-a-freelance-business-4-strategies-for-beginners

12 Ways to Promote Your Freelance Graphic Design Business

Whether you’re a brand new graphic designer or an established veteran, you can never have too many clients. But figuring out how to promote a graphic design business isn’t always easy. After all, ... > how-i-reached-a-six-figure-income-in-my-first-year-of-freelancing

How I reached six-figures in my first year of freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to make a living. You get to spend your career working on interesting and rewarding projects, working flexible hours and having the freedom to live and work where you choose... > 12-sure-fire-ways-to-be-happier-as-a-freelance-designer

12 Sure-fire ways to be happier as a freelance designer

I consider myself an incredibly fortunate person. Through a combination of hard work and luck, I am a freelance designer – my dream job. For all of its ups and downs, complications and stressful mom...