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1. Find freelance clients

2. Start your freelance business

3. Getting paid as a freelancer

4. Charge what you’re worth

5. Automate your freelance business

6. Build recurring revenue

7. Scale your freelance business

8. Freelance success stories


Find freelance clients

  1. Get the weekly gig list from SolidGigs
  2. Work at home jobs
  3. Remote writing jobs sites
  4. Freelance job sites for finding work
  5. Remote graphic design job sites
  6. Upwork vs Fiverr



Start your freelance business

  1. 10 Steps to becoming a successful freelancer
  2. Struggling to find clients? How I built my business from nothing
  3. Getting paid as a freelancer
  4. Landing your dream clients
  5. Using Your Own Name vs. Business Name



Getting paid as a freelancer

  1. How to Get Paid as a Freelancer
  2. What is an invoice?
  3. How to write an invoice
  4. Freelance invoice template
  5. Best freelance invoice apps
  6. Freshbooks vs Quickbooks 



Charge what you’re worth

  1. Value-based pricing will change your business
  2. Lessons to learn about pricing & selling
  3. How much to charge for a logo
  4. Pricing & sales technique that works even for introverts
  5. Feeling underpaid? Here’s how to change that



Automate your freelance business

  1. Client onboarding guide
  2. Contracts for Creatives
  3. Freelance Contract Template
  4. Create a proposal
  5. Invest in the right tools



Build recurring revenue

  1. How to build recurring revenue from your retainer clients
  2. Passive income ideas for designers
  3. Retainer agreement for freelancers
  4. Referral generating email template to send right now



Scale your freelance business

  1. Increase your prices with a price increase letter
  2. From freelancer to agency on a shoestring budget
  3. Lessons from an 18-year old agency owner



Freelance success stories

  1. What earning $33k on Fiverr taught me about building a freelance business
  2. How I made my first $100k on Creative Market
  3. How I hacked my way to $20k of AngelList jobs in 7 days
  4. 3 Marketing hacks I used to build a $5K/mo freelance business in 4 months
  5. Chris Do: From immigrant child to millions in revenue
  6. WordPress freelancer builds $1M business in 6 months
  7. How Emily Mills quit her day job to illustrate for big brands

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