What professionals look for in a creative portfolio

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I recently had a chance to meet with Ramon Vasquez, one of the lead designers at Creature, a world-class creative boutique and advertising agency based out of Seattle, Washington. He mentioned that he had received three creative portfolios that day and only liked the work found in one of them. He showed me the portfolio and I asked why it was so much better than the other two.

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The secret, he said in essence, is to show a complete creative process when displaying your work. He taught me the effectiveness of showing that you can take a project from problem, to conceptual solutions, and finally to the end result. This means instead of simply submitting a logo you created, show the original sketches or notes, the logo itself,and then real life application of the logo. You should apply the logo in its intended situation. If you created a logo for stationery, take photos of the completed stationery, if you created an identity for a company, show it being used in their displays or advertisements.

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The important thing is to show that you can work through the creative process from beginning to end. That is what creative leaders and employers are looking for. Show that you can finish a job in a timely and professional way. Go out on a limb and experiment with creative ways to show a potential employer that you can go through the entire creative process by realizing the problem, creating a solution, and presenting the final result.

Remember, first, identify a problem, next find a creative solution, and finally, show the positive effects in an all-encompassing end result. Utilize these steps in your creative portfolio and its bound to be an impressive piece of work.

What other tactics have you used to beef up your creative portfolio and make it stand out from the crowd?

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