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As a freelance creative, it’s essential to get paid on time. Clients holding back on you can create those terrible thoughts of going back into full time employment. Fortunately, there are ways to keep the cash flowing. I’ve developed my […]

In 2005 David Choe painted a mural in Facebook’s Palo Alto offices. He was offered $60,000 for the work, or stock in the company. He choose the Facebook stock. Fast forward to 2012 when Facebook went public and the stock […]

No matter how much you love what you do for a career, if you can’t pay the bills with it, it’s not a career, it’s a hobby. And as a freelancer, proper invoicing techniques and policies are so crucial to the […]

Recently we received the following question about getting paid as a freelancer from a reader planning his freelancing debut: Would you recommend I set up a credit card service to receive payments through my future website or is this unnecessary? Is […]

“Well, maybe just one more day to see if they pay.” Have you ever said this to yourself? (I have.) One of the most troublesome parts of freelancing is invoicing and collecting payment. Nobody likes to be the bill collector, […]

Many freelancer designers seem to shy away or delay the process of invoicing a client after a project is completed. Somehow this same notion is shared by the client when it comes to paying-they shy away from it. Admittedly, invoicing […]

Are you taking it easy this holiday season? If you run a thriving business, maybe you can afford to take a month off. But the truth is that many companies are doing two things right now: Scrambling to ramp up […]

“How do I handle a client who repeatedly pays late?” I get this question from a lot of the freelancers I work with. Chasing after payment is a huge time and energy suck that almost all freelancers experience at one […]

You are doing a great job. Your working hours seem countless. You certainly deserve more money and respect. This is what most of the blog posts you read are telling you, right? Only, they haven’t seen your work. And they don’t have […]

It is ridiculously easy to become a freelance writer. This is not one of those blog posts that tells you it is easy and then shows you how not easy it is. All you have to do is sign up […]

The other day, while sitting at my desk, I looked over at my bookshelf. I do this often. It’s part of how I think. I come across a problem, and I turn my head to the left and gaze at […]

Testimonials are one of the most powerful sales tools you can have. Nothing beats other people saying you are who you say you are. In this video, I break down simple secrets about when and how to ask for them […]

You know the “forever” projects I’m talking about – those that are three months behind schedule yet your client wants to see “just one more” color scheme or isn’t sure about the copy. When once you were thrilled about landing […]

So you’re ready to freelance huh? You’ve got your web site up. You’ve got some school projects in your portfolio. You’re ready to start calling clients and pitching your services. So what’s stopping you? If you’re like a lot of […]

So you’re a freelance designer, eh? You’re living the big life because you are doing what you love and getting paid for it. The only problem is, you’re not getting paid very much. But who cares, right. I mean, you […]

Most of the time, we feel creative. That’s why we are passionate about what we do.  Graphic designers, advertisers, writers, all of us are expected to be creative on a daily basis and frequently we are paid to be creative […]

Starting your own business can be a real adventure, but if you want to be successful you’ll need more than passion. You will also need to know how to manage the money your company spends and earns so that you […]

While freelancing can be a fantastic way to earn a living in a flexible and free way, it does, like all jobs, have its downsides. For one, it can be tough to build up a consistent revenue stream. Finding quality […]

Those having a hard time getting their freelance business off the ground say that finding clients is their biggest hurdle. However, for those who’ve been doing this for years now, looking for new ones is still something they struggle with. […]

Getting your books tax-ready ensures you’re compliant with the IRS recordkeeping requirements, meaning no late fees, no surprises, and a successful tax return that won’t cost you extra time later on (we know you’re busy). That’s why there are bookkeeping services […]

When we start out as freelancers, getting paid $300 to do something feels like a big deal. And it is, for a while… until you realize that you’ve got to do a ton of little $300 gigs just to pay […]

For many of us, the word ‘sales’ conjures up images of a sweaty used car salesman. We think of telemarketers pushing products during dinner and retail employees who won’t let us shop in peace. As a freelancer, you have to […]

Ask any freelancer out there their least favorite thing about freelancing and chances are pretty high that most answers will have to do with ‘money’ in one way or another. In the world of freelancers, money can be, ‘inconsistent’, as […]

Having worked with creative business owners and freelancers for more than 15 years, I’ve learned that the path to entrepreneurship is rarely straight. Many of us (myself included) fell into entrepreneurship and never went back; some were pushed via a […]

What’s the biggest challenge of a freelancer? It’s what someone from the outside thinks is the biggest advantage of this kind of job: managing your own time. Yes, the ability to work under your own schedule is an advantage. However, […]

How do I take my first step towards entrepreneurship? The only concrete answer I could give you, is that there is no sure answer. The path of entrepreneurship is just as unique and unpredictable as the lifestyle it offers. A […]

There are only three main ways to earn more revenue in your freelance business: 1. Get more clients 2. Get clients to buy from you more frequently 3. Get paid more per project Of the three, getting paid more per […]

It’s pretty incredible how one simple post can change everything for you. A couple of days into August I was perusing Instagram, probably trying to kill time while standing in line for groceries, when I discovered something called the #minsgame. […]

Today’s podcast episode will gear you up with the top tools for growing a successful side-business. Side-businesses are unique. You have limited time during the day (sneaking in a quick phone call on your lunch break, anyone?) and you have a […]

Let’s face it, being a one-person show is a tough job. You have to organize your work schedule alone, plan projects, talk with clients, and keep all your books up to date, all the while getting yourself motivated to complete […]

Being a freelancer who travels around can’t be simple and easy to manage. For one, you are always on edge thinking whether or not your next project will make the digital nomad lifestyle viable for another month. This is what […]

Nobody likes writing invoices, but we all like getting paid, don’t we? From web designing to providing digital marketing services, starting up and running a self-owned business requires a fairly in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of working with your […]

Freelancing, as any other job, has its ups and downs. Do you know why so many people are attracted by the idea to do freelance work? Because it sounds so flexible. Do you know why so many of them give […]

One of my earliest clients was a fashion design company in Los Angeles who asked me to create a print ad for use in one of the larger industry trade magazines. Excited to be creating a design with such a […]

Let’s not fool ourselves, inbound marketing is not a quick-and-easy 3-step job. In fact, it’s a process that requires constant attention, analysis and refinement. Maybe for that reason, those that are more likely to get involved in inbound marketing are […]

I want to share a few of the common money and pricing mistakes freelancers do that can sabotage their earning potential. These were things I was doing in my design business and didn’t even realize it. I’m going to show […]

Breaking up is the hardest thing to do—especially when you’re a freelancer. But, sometimes, you just need to do it. The reasons, of course, vary depending on exactly why you decided to become a freelancer in the first place. For […]

You perform a service. Then you get paid. That’s the definition of business in a nutshell. But what if your clients take their sweet time when it comes to compensating you? You need cash now. But in this case, your […]

One of the scariest parts of freelancing for me is dealing with money. I consider myself an artist, and don’t want to be bothered with things like finances and taxes. But in order to be successful as a freelancer, I […]

July marks 6 months from switching from my 9-5 office job into a full-time freelance life. In the past 6 months there have been mountain highs, valley lows, and everything in-between. If you want to learn more about first-hand experience […]

Gaining a foothold in a lucrative freelance field is difficult. You may have all the talent in the world, and produce high-quality work, but you may still be forced to sit back and watch as job after job is picked […]

It’s no secret that the online world of freelancing is filled with providers who boast about their qualifications and throw proposals at every job that crosses their path. Though their intention is to make money, most of their time is […]

I’ll never forget the day, roughly 18 years ago. It was about 7:30 p.m. and I was busy cleaning up after dinner for my family, which included my two children — ages three and a few months old. And then, the phone […]

So you’re ready to finally dive in and actually start a side-hustle. You’re excited about the idea of more side-money, more stability, less dependence on your day job. But…where do you actually start when it comes to building a successful […]