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In business, “breakeven” refers to the point at which a company’s revenue equals its expenses, resulting in zero profit or loss. At this point, a company has not made any profit, but it also has not incurred any losses.

Breakeven is an important concept in business because it allows companies to determine the minimum level of sales or revenue they need to generate in order to cover their costs and avoid losses. By knowing their breakeven point, companies can make informed decisions about pricing, cost management, and growth strategies.

For freelancers, understanding breakeven is also important because it can help them set their rates and determine how much work they need to do to cover their expenses and make a profit. Freelancers can calculate their breakeven point by adding up all their fixed and variable expenses, such as rent, equipment, supplies, and taxes, and then dividing that amount by the number of billable hours they expect to work in a given period.

Knowing their breakeven point can also help freelancers make strategic decisions about the types of projects they take on and the rates they charge. For example, if a freelancer’s breakeven point is $50 per hour, they may choose to only take on projects that pay $60 or more per hour in order to generate a profit.

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