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When you’re new to freelancing, the majority of your time is spent marketing yourself. When a project finally does come in, it’s very simple to drop everything to get it done. Sounds easy, right 🙂 But what about when the […]

In my last blog post I shared some tips on how to decide whether or not you should say goodbye to a difficult client. I shared the four key questions I ask myself to help me decide if it’s worth […]

As a freelancer, just being good at your job is not a guarantee for getting clients. Sooner or later, we all realize that it takes a lot more than just being talented or creative to find success in freelancing. Although, […]

Referrals from existing clients are one of the most effective ways to generate new business. This is true across industries and business models. It is especially important, however, for web designers and other freelancers. Getting web design clients or clients […]

I want to make something abundantly clear before getting started. Just because you’re a freelancer, doesn’t mean that you have to settle for mediocre pay. Yes, I know that there are countless other designers, developers, and writers who are willing […]

Great news: the “starving artist” cliché doesn’t have to be your reality. The truth is, business is everywhere. But we have to train ourselves to look in the right places to uncover new opportunities. The great news is that it’s […]

If you’re the type of creative who enjoys jumping from project to project, you’ve probably feel an equal combination of excitement and terror. Excitement because you’re constantly stimulated and flexing your creative muscles by changing it up so frequently. Terror […]

Here at Millo we talk a lot about clients: How to find new clients How to find the right clients for your business How to keep your best clients for life Today I’d like to talk about the last one. […]

Hey – so first off, this ISN’T about the cool “IFTTT” service, if that’s what you were thinking 😉 But, this approach DOES have something in common with it: The phrase, “If this, then that.” In this blog post, I’m […]

Some may call it the lazy way to freelance, but I like to think of it as a way to focus your time on the projects instead of looking for them. First off – if you’re unfamiliar with what (or […]

When our creative agency entered the “PSD to Code” space, there was something that attracted clients to us from the start. And it hasn’t changed to this day. That same “thing” is what makes us look like a lighthouse on […]

I have to be honest: I h-a-t-e networking meetings. I would gladly endure a few teeth pullings in place of them, any day of the week. It’s not just because I’m terribly socially anxious, either. It’s because I can’t stand […]

I’m from Australia but I’m currently based in Mexico. Last month I was in Dubai and before that, I lived in Vietnam. I work with people all over the world: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Kenya, New Zealand, Singapore and USA. That’s […]

Two new users join LinkedIn every second, making it one of the fastest growing social media networks, especially for professionals. And because it’s a business networking site, people expect – and many times welcome – freelancers approaching them to help […]

Once upon a time I owned a video production agency. We worked with high-end event planners who could afford $30-150k per project. We tried all sorts of inbound marketing tactics to get leads for projects, but eventually realized we had […]

Retainers seem super complicated if you’ve never done them before. I know I used to be afraid of them because they seem like these big, scary monsters you just don’t know how you’ll tame. Then you get one or two […]

So perhaps you heard about mobilegeddon (that big Google update that was supposed to seriously shake up the search results for any site that wasn’t mobile friendly). Which means you know that your client’s website is in serious need of […]

We’ve all experienced clients that aren’t our favorites, from the ones that we’re just not excited about to the ones that we cringe at when we see their phone call or email. Why is it that we get “bad” clients? […]

As creatives, we’re often chomping at the bit to learn from other successful creatives: How do they boost conversions? What are their trade secrets for making more sales? Where are all the best clients hiding, and how come everyone else […]

I was recently listening to an interview with James Clear–productivity hacker, athlete and entrepreneur. He made a very interesting point about two seemingly similar words that can have very different meanings. Those words? “Can’t” and “don’t.” He was specifically speaking about […]

I wrote a whole intro for this post, but then I scrapped it and decided to just get right into it :-). So! Here are 4 things we’ve recently upgraded with our creative agency’s web coding service, Reliable PSD, that gave us […]

Clients are our best friends and our worst enemies. From the client who pays on time and has clear project briefs to clients who always pay late and try to increase the scope, freelancers are bound to deal with all […]

I know the scenario well: You get a call from a potential client and set up a meeting. You spend at least 2 hours prepping, traveling, and actually meeting. Then you spend more time carefully preparing the proposal. Then you wait. […]

I get that it’s possible to make good money without ever dealing with clients. But still, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess: you work with clients on an almost-daily basis. And, let’s be honest, clients can […]

It can be expensive to work with an accountant. Do you really need one? And what, beyond filing your tax return, should you use them for? If you’re serious about growing your business, the right accountant can help you make […]

Negotiations always give me the jitters. Am I proposing a fair deal? Am I about to get swindled? Should I look elsewhere? Am I going to lose this project? Is this client going to be more stress than they’re worth? […]

There’s a great line from Oscar-winning movie writer (including Moneyball and The West Wing) Aaron Sorkin’s 2012 commencement address at Syracuse. He said, Decisions are made by those who show up. I love the overly simplistic nature of this statement, and […]

Raising rates can be done in two ways: Rip off the band-aid. Say, “To hell with it!” and raise them now, without warning (or with warning), and let the pieces fall where they may. 2) With the method outlined in […]

How many times have you made this excuse? I would love to work on <insert side project>, but I just don’t have time. I used to say this too (more than I’d like to admit), but worse, I used to […]

I love direct mail. The fact that the world has gone digital just makes it even more relevant than ever. We’re so inundated with emails and Facebook and all the rest that holding a printed, crisp, personal letter has a […]

Every once in a while, we all come across a client who knows nothing about websites and has never even owned one. And although this introduces some unique challenges, we still want to help, right? However, if we decide to […]

My brother is a fitness nut. He owns gyms, trains in gyms, and basically lives in them too. If you’ve seen “Pain & Gain” with Mark Wahlberg – he’s kind of like that (minus the psychopathic, hostage-taking shenanigans…). But he’s […]

If you’re not careful as a freelancer, it can be easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment when talking with a client. But whatever you do, don’t let one of these phrases slip out while you’re […]

Well that’s an odd headline, isn’t it? Calling out the almighty clients like that? Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather live in a world where every project reaches its completion and no party gets the short end of the […]

As freelancers, it’s easy for us to forget what it’s like to work with other people. After all, we did go solo, and often because we grew sick of being stuck in an office with a bunch of yahoos. Luckily […]

Remember that time you created the most amazing logo concepts for that client? You smashed it out of the park. Completely nailed the brief. So excited by your own ability you couldn’t wipe the smirk off your face as you […]

AdWords Express has been a super powerful tool we’ve used to get more new clients for our creative agency. It’s gotten to the point where we turn it on / off as needed. On = contact form submissions almost instantly […]

So you’re midway through a potential client consultation when your gut starts telling you this client isn’t for you. Maybe your personalities just aren’t clicking or maybe they sound like a bad design client. (Here’s a handy list of warning […]

There are probably some things you do to say “thank you” to all of your clients: send them holiday greetings, thank them for their business, and maybe even provide a small referral discount. But what about those clients that are […]

Let’s be honest, running a successful design business can be stressful. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE my job. I love my business. And I know there’s a good chance you also love what you do. But sometimes that really […]

When you’re first starting out as a freelancer, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of offering discounts, cutting rates, or doing work completely free. Even as a seasoned freelancer, if you’re not careful, you might end up using […]

Here at Millo we talk a lot about how to convince your design clients to hire you again (and again and again and again). We’ve talked about upselling your next design project and when the right time is to ask […]

Every freelancer has probably met a client who is extremely busy. This so-called busy client is an individual who has contacted you seeking for your services. Not only does he know what he wants, he is also conscious about the […]

We’ve had tons of reader questions rolling in here at Millo and I absolutely love it! Today’s question comes from Colleen who asks: “Should I be charging for client meetings? [What about taking time to] learn or to learn more […]