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If you’ve ever experienced the “joy” of moving* (especially if you’ve accumulated furniture), you know that not only are you learning the ropes in a new community personally, but as a business, nobody knows you. Nobody knows that you volunteered […]

If you’re in business, there’s always one thing that’s on the top of your mind: Whether you’re starting out and need to get your first few clients, or you’re re-positioning your existing business to attract higher-quality, better paying clients, the […]

Freelance photographers have a lot of amazing benefits on their side: doing what you’re passionate about, having a dynamic work environment, and improving your craft with each click. However, those things are unfortunately quite theoretical if you don’t have the […]

Finding clients as a freelancer is difficult no matter the location. But it’s not as hard as people make it out to be! I’ve been abroad for two years and have been happily freelancing since I’ve left the States. We […]

You’ve got a great website, a clear niche, and you’re ready to start working as a full-time freelance writer. There’s just one problem: You can’t seem to find any clients – no matter what you do. Does that situation sound […]

When you’re ready to make a big purchase… let’s say a new computer… you probably go steps like these: First, you start getting tired of the old one. So you start browsing around some websites, seeing what your options are, […]

But if you have any experience with Google Analytics, you know that it can be a little overwhelming at first. And maybe you’re not exactly sure how to use it. But if you know how to use it, it can be a […]

Your portfolio is online, you have a stack of business cards handy, you’re trying all of the traditional methods to find new clients, and yet…nobody’s knocking on your door. Now what? Client acquisition is one of those tasks you’ll need […]

Let’s pretend the internet doesn’t exist. Given that you are reading this blog while online I appreciate such a concept may be pretty hard to get your head around but please, bear with me. Picture the scene. You’ve left your […]

If I asked the Millo community which clients they’d most prefer to have, I’m guessing 99% of you would say, “the ones that pay.” (Or some derivative of that.) Am I right? However, just because a client pays well and pays […]

I know what a lot of you who haven’t yet found your niche or who are undecided if you even want a niche were thinking when I recently blogged about finding mine: “I’m not sure finding a niche is a […]

I’m a freelancer, so I get it. You need to find new clients. New clients bring in new money to your freelance business. They are the lifeblood of your business. They make it possible for you to pay the bills. […]

(A note from Preston:) A little while ago Laura, who wrote this post, approached me with this idea. I thought it was an incredible untapped resource. One I had never realized a designer could profit from. This seems like a […]

Business cards are important for designers to have. They sum up what services/products you offer and how somebody can contact you on a small piece of paper. However, most designers don’t take advantage of their usefulness. They usually sit at […]

Have you ever gone nearly insane trying to please a client? I have. In fact, I have probably done it more than I would like to admit. After all, the clients pay the bills (hopefully) and if the clients not […]

One of the hardest tasks that freelance designers face is figuring out how to find design clients. Aside from the clients who come back asking for more, a lot of times, you complete a job for a client and they […]

Recently, I have had a lot of people ask me to provide suggestions on finding new freelance design clients. Whether you are a newcomer to the freelance-design field or you just need to give your client pool a boost, there […]

You decided to start your own freelancing business? That’s a great decision! With so many clients and freelancers out there, you can be the link between the two sides of the industry. Maybe you just need freelancers for an individual […]

As a graphic designer, you’ve built up a solid portfolio of impressive work. But it won’t do you any good sitting on your desk or on a website that nobody knows about, right? A portfolio is only useful if it […]

Have you ever wondered how certain businesses or brands just seem to have their finger on the pulse, perfectly anticipating what their clients want and need? What gives? What secret do they know that you don’t? They know the secret […]

You perform a service. Then you get paid. That’s the definition of business in a nutshell. But what if your clients take their sweet time when it comes to compensating you? You need cash now. But in this case, your […]

The way you present your work can be the difference between getting your client’s approval and going back to the drawing board over and over again during the project, while both you and your client get frustrated. Below are a […]

It’s no secret that the online world of freelancing is filled with providers who boast about their qualifications and throw proposals at every job that crosses their path. Though their intention is to make money, most of their time is […]

Have you ever tried to change someone’s perception of you after you’ve known or worked with them for a while? If you’ve tried, you’ll know it is incredibly difficult to do it—especially with siblings or family for example. Maybe you’ve […]

Freelance designers are an ingenious lot, and they use a variety of ways to land clients. There is no one tried and true method to finding great gigs. It’s essential to be creative, proactive, and persistent — just as you […]

Struggling with new leads? You need not look much further than your very own existing client list! You read that right. Your existing client list can be a gold mine, if you approach it with a new perspective and focused strategy. […]

There is this “right of passage” that most freelancers go through when they start out to take to get clients. Freelancers are given the suggestion to attend local events called Chamber of Commerce. Or they are told that BNI meetings […]

Despite what your client might be telling you, the check isn’t always in the mail. Chasing late payments on invoices is one of the toughest, and most awkward, jobs for any freelancer. But this is business. You are entitled to […]

Everyone has had their fair share of annoying clients during their careers. It’s something all businesses carry on their backs and even though you might think that you’ll never have to face such clients, but sooner or later, it will happen. […]

You are not right for most people. As I say in my book Work With Clients You Love, working with better paying clients starts with being selective and saying no to the ones who are a bad fit for working […]

FREE personal training session! FREE phone when you upgrade your plan! FREE 14-day trial of {X} software! 30 days of unlimited yoga for just $30! Even AOL used to mail out CDs with a FREE month of service. Every other […]

“I’m always thinking about the client’s finances as though they were mine.” I got this message the other day and hear this all the time from other freelancers. The basic message here is freelancers telling themselves, “I wouldn’t buy the […]

Look for information on how to land freelance writing clients, and you’ll come across a lot of different methods, like: Using SEO on your website to attract clients Using inbound marketing Writing guest blog posts that establish you as an industry expert While […]

You read about them, hear about them, but never really meet them. You probably have had a few great experiences with your clients. But those fantastic human beings, who will instantly fall in love with your work and cannot wait to hire you […]

If “word of mouth” is your main source of new clients – this is for you. Don’t get me wrong, word of mouth is great, but it’s also inconsistent, unreliable, & sporadic. That’s because you have to wait for your […]

Whenever I network, I walk away with amazing connections and clients, and I do it by hardly saying a word. How? In this video, I break down my method that works wonders whether you’re a quieter person, a total extrovert, […]

It’s counter-intuitive to grow by taking on fewer clients, but it’s necessary. The thing about client services you find out is that there is an allotment of energy you expend servicing each client you have. You email back and forth, […]

As a freelancer, it absolutely sucks to start out booking work for each month at $0.00. Because starting over from nothing means that every single month—while you’re also trying to juggle client work, produce your own content, and respond to […]

Finding your unique selling proposition is critical to your success—so why do so many freelancers and solopreneurs forget to focus on this critical element? And why is it so important? In today’s video, we cover all of that and more. […]

Hi guys, I’m Lou, co-founder of Reliable PSD, and today I’m going to share with you part 1 of a 2 video series on what is a USP, aka a unique selling proposition, and why it’s so crucial for getting […]

In the freelance community, we can all relate to experiencing the headaches of the problem client before. Naturally, not every project you work on will go as smooth as molasses. But simply saying “it is what it is” and gritting […]

Congratulations! You have a new email subscriber. Now what? What happens to your new email subscribers once they’ve opt-in? Does anything happen? The reason I ask is because when someone finds your content, reads it, and signs up to your […]

Firing your client seems almost unheard of. After all, isn’t the backbone of any thriving business a large customer base? You may think so, but some clients aren’t worth your time. By devoting your time to clients that you find […]

I think blogging should be an integral part of any business. It is so integral, in fact, that it can and probably will be the difference between whether or not your business is successful. For example, marketers who have prioritized […]