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Why You Should Always Put Freelance Work on Your Resume

Digitization has transformed nearly all sectors of life, including the employment industry. The traditional 9-5 jobs are no longer evidence of professional and career achievement. Individuals can now ... > protecting-your-freelance-business-4-different-options

Protecting Your Freelance Business: 4 Different Options

Being a freelancer is increasingly common today. Whether working in the gig economy full-time or freelancing as a side hustle, people are often wearing different professional hats. As a freelancer, pr... > freelancer-resume

How to Write a Freelancer Resume that Wins Clients

An effective freelancer resume can be the difference between getting ignored by clients and filling your client pipeline. If you’ve done any amount of freelancing, you know landing the best freelanc... > overcome-challenges-in-cross-cultural-collaboration

10 Ways to Improve Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Cross-cultural collaboration is a factor to consider if you’re looking for success in today’s business environment.  Business leaders and employees must engage with clients and partners f... > how-to-apply-rush-fees-without-ticking-off-your-clients

What’s a Rush Fee? And How to Calculate it

Many freelancers, agencies, or service providers utilize a rush fee in order to avoid last-minute panicked requests from clients. If you run a service business (like a freelancer or a contractor), eve... > things-freelance-creative-needs-run-business

9 Things Every Freelance Creative Needs To Run Their Business

If you’re a freelance creative, navigating the “business” parts of your career might feel like a drag. We creatives tend to get excited about building cool things, and we seem to lose intere... > side-jobs-for-teachers

109 Side Jobs for Teachers Who Need Extra Money

Being a teacher is one of the noblest professions you can aspire to. Unfortunately, society and governments have not rewarded teachers financially for their devotion to expanding young minds. As a tea... > from-editor-to-entrepreneur-a-guide-to-breaking-into-freelance-editing

From Editor to Entrepreneur: A Guide to Breaking into Freelance Editing

Embarking on a freelance career is an exciting journey, filled with the promise of flexibility, autonomy, and the chance to work on diverse projects that pique your interest. However, it is equally a ... > why-some-freelancers-get-rich-while-others-dont

Why Some Freelancers Get RICH While Others Don’t

At first, freelancing can seem so attractive. You watch other freelancers start doing client work on the side. Then they quit their day job to do it full-time. Before you know it, these freelancers ar... > hello-bonsai-freelance-app-review

Hello Bonsai Review: Still Good for Freelancers in 2024?

Hello Bonsai bills itself as an all-in-one freelancing solution for the world’s best creative freelancers (actually, their name is simply Bonsai, but their website is But with ...