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What Your Freelance Rates Really Say About You

When you’re running your own freelancing business, your image is critical. That’s because you most likely don’t have millions to spend on marketing, so your branding and image have to do a lot o... > things-freelance-creative-needs-run-business

9 Things Every Freelance Creative Needs To Run Their Business

If you’re a freelance creative, navigating the “business” parts of your career might feel like a drag. We creatives tend to get excited about building cool things, and we seem to lose intere... > how-to-freelance

How To Become A Freelancer In 2024 (10-Step Guide for Success)

You’ve probably come across a ton of successful stories about people who started their freelancing career from scratch are now earning a six-figure salary. Their success may have swept you off y... > side-jobs-for-teachers

109 Side Jobs for Teachers Who Need Extra Money

Being a teacher is one of the noblest professions you can aspire to. Unfortunately, society and governments have not rewarded teachers financially for their devotion to expanding young minds. As a tea... > solopreneur-or-entrepreneur

13 Differences Between a Solopreneur and Entrepreneur

For a long time, I considered myself to be a solopreneur. And if you’re like me, the only time your job title actually matters is when someone inevitably asks: “so, what do you do for work?” Whi... > upwork-fees

7 Ways To Minimize Upwork Fees As A Top-Rated Plus Upworker

In this marketplace of work, individual talent is valued, and agencies can seamlessly connect with and hire contractors for jobs. When it comes to the popular freelance job marketplace Upwork, they ma... > should-i-take-a-1099-job

Should I Take a 1099 Job? + Quiz

Whether you find yourself suddenly unemployed or just considering a career change, the question “Should I take a 1099 job?” can be a tricky one. I still remember taking my eight-year side-hustle f... > tax-planning-for-freelancers-avoiding-pitfalls

Proactive Tax Planning for Freelancers: Avoiding Pitfalls and Overpaying

As a freelancer, managing your taxes can be a complex endeavor. However, proactive tax planning can significantly reduce this complexity, saving you both time and money. This article will discuss comm... > moxie-app-review

Moxie App Review: I Tested it as a Freelancer—Here’s What I Think

Running a freelance business can be overwhelming. I should know. I’m a freelancer myself. But I’ve never been 100% sure how to get organized—not sure what the best way to get all of my c... > what-to-do-when-a-client-doesnt-pay

What to Do When a Client Doesn’t Pay & How to Prevent It

Knowing what to do when a client doesn’t pay can be a real challenge. When you work for a client, you give them your time, your expertise, and your own personal touch. You give them a piece of y...