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97 Habits of insanely profitable freelancers

If you want to be insanely profitable doing what you love then you need to find a happy balance between art and commerce. Basically, you need a head for business and a mind for getting the work done. ... > the-ultimate-guide-how-to-start-your-own-business

How to Start Your Own Business in 2024

Small businesses are the cornerstone of the economy, both nationally and globally. There are literally millions of them, and new ventures are being launched every day, as wannabe entrepreneurs test th... > how-to-get-bookkeeping-clients

How to Get Bookkeeping Clients as a Freelancer

Now that there are plenty of gig workers out there, it’s an important skill to learn how to get bookkeeping clients as a freelancer. About 35% of the entire US workforce is made up of freelancers, a... > quickbooks-alternative

12 Awesome Quickbooks Alternatives for Freelancers 2024

Intuit has been the name in small business accounting for decades, but now, many companies are looking for a QuickBooks alternative. While QuickBooks may still be the standard for desktop accounting s... > hello-bonsai-freelance-app-review

Hello Bonsai Review: Still Good for Freelancers in 2023?

Hello Bonsai bills itself as an all-in-one freelancing solution for the world’s best creative freelancers (actually, their name is simply Bonsai, but their website is But with ... > client-management-software

The 7 Best Client Management Software (CMS) in May 2024

You need client management software no matter what size your business is. That’s because, from small to large companies, your business will rise or fall based on the relationship with your clien... > freshbooks-vs-quickbooks

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks: Which is Better in 2023?

If you’re having trouble deciding on FreshBooks vs QuickBooks, this in-depth guide is for you. We’ll explore the pricing, features, and other factors you’ll want to consider when deb... > tax-deduction-cheat-sheet

The Tax Deduction Cheat Sheet for Freelancers & Self-employed

Have you ever filed your tax return only to realize that you could’ve deducted a significant business expense? Hopefully, a tax deduction cheat sheet can ensure that you never miss out on another de... > how-to-prove-self-employed-income

How to Prove Your Self Employed Income as a Freelancer

If you have ever tried to get a loan, apply for government benefits, rent an apartment or open a new credit card—basically, if you have had to use the banking system in the last one hundred years—... > harlow-review

Harlow Review: A Game Changing All-in-one Tool for Freelancers

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools to manage your freelance business?  Look no further than Harlow, the all-in-one platform designed to help freelancers streamline their operations and maximize...