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Prospecting on autopilot: the key to always having work as a freelancer

Finding new customers is how you keep consistent money flowing. But without actually doing the work and turning in the deliverables — you won’t get paid. At times, it seems like you’re both the ... > 3-steps-finding-high-paying-freelance-writing-clients-job-boards

How to find high-paying clients from job boards

You’ve got a great website, a clear niche, and you’re ready to start working as a full-time freelance writer. There’s just one problem: You can’t seem to find any clients – no matter what yo... > long-test-marketing-idea-giving

How long should you test a marketing idea before giving up?

Marketing. That dirty ‘M’ word. How dare they not warn you of it in design school. “Do good work” — they say. “Create a great portfolio” — they say. “Look after your clients�... > 2-huge-mistakes-most-designers-make-that-push-clients-away-and-what-to-do-instead

2 huge mistakes most designers make that push clients away (and what to do instead)

Recently, over at Reliable (our new PSD to HTML & WordPress company), we had an interesting situation… A “tough cookie” wrote in asking for a quote on his project.  But he didn&...