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11 Business Lessons from a 15-Year Agency Owner

I’ve been running my agency, Lform Design, for more than 15 years. I started the business after a stint as a freelancer and, prior to that, working in-house as a designer. Since 2005, we’ve been h... > copywriting-jobs

6 Best Sites to Find Copywriting Jobs & Get Copywriting Clients in 2023

Finding copywriting jobs that pay well is easier than ever thanks to an always-growing need companies have for better copywriters. That’s good news for you, my copywriting friend, whether you’re o... > killer-branding-questionnaire

A Killer Branding Questionnaire Guide for Your Brand Identity Clients

Whether you are a freelance designer, copywriter or solo marketer, you aim for providing first-class service to your clients. In order to do so, every project should start with a plan, and having a br... > creative-writing-jobs

12 Creative Writing Jobs Sites to Make More Money from Your Passion

Landing creative writing jobs is a dream of many people around the world: high pay, flexible hours, interesting assignments… What’s not to like? The hardest thing about taking the leap and startin... > are-you-constantly-hustling-for-new-clients-lets-change-that

Are You Constantly Hustling for New Clients? Let’s Change That

As a business coach and service-based business owner myself, I’ve noticed there’s a common challenge many of us experience at some point and that is: The never-ending hustle for new clients. Been ... > work-at-home-jobs

62 Work At Home Jobs to Make Money Right Away

Millions of people around the world are using work at home jobs to completely transform the way they and their families live and work. Working from the comfort of your own home can be an incredible th... > how-i-reached-a-six-figure-income-in-my-first-year-of-freelancing

How I reached six-figures in my first year of freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to make a living. You get to spend your career working on interesting and rewarding projects, working flexible hours and having the freedom to live and work where you choose... > how-to-communicate-your-value-and-get-paid-what-youre-worth

How to communicate your value and get paid what you’re worth

During my days as an agent for creative directors, art directors and copywriters, I was asked by a large national brand to provide an estimate for tagline development. When I quoted the fee, the woman... > what-to-write-about

25 Things to write about when you’re feeling stuck

A common scene in movies is this of a miserable writer with no idea what to write about who struggles for days or months to write a few sentences without success. A dramatic change in his/her life (us... > grow-business-networking-guy-hates-networking

How I grow my business through networking (from a guy who hates “networking”)

Back in the day we had no budget for marketing. So my partner and I would hit up the local networking events every week. For the most part they were completely worthless, and soul-sucking. Everyone th...