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6 Best Sites to Find Copywriting Jobs & Get Copywriting Clients in 2023

Table of ContentsUpdated Jun 18, 2020

Finding copywriting jobs that pay well is easier than ever thanks to an always-growing need companies have for better copywriters.

That’s good news for you, my copywriting friend, whether you’re on the hunt for full-time or freelance copywriting jobs.

By finding more jobs, you’ll be able to gain more experience and can start your own copywriting business or get hired at a full-time copywriting job.

So today, I’d like to share with you some of the best sites I’ve personally found for getting copywriting jobs to fuel your business or move your copywriting career forward.

Here’s the list of best sites for finding copywriting jobs:

copywriting jobs sites

1. Contena

copywriting jobs - contena

One of my favorite resources for getting all kinds of writing jobs is called Contena. Not only does Contena have a great writing job board, but they also have resources to help you start a freelance writing business—including getting your first writing jobs, building a business plan, and growing your writing business.

2. SolidGigs

copywriting jobs - solidgigs

If you’re thinking about writing as a side-hustle or you’re a full-time freelancer who’s juggling so much you just don’t have time to hunt down new copywriting jobs, then SolidGigs is for you.

The team at SolidGigs sorts through dozens of freelance and remote writing job sites (including many of the sites on this list) and filters out only the top 1-2% of jobs.

In addition, they’ve got courses, templates, scripts, and other resources to help you get your first copywriting jobs quickly.

3. FlexJobs

copywriting jobs - flexjobs

If you’re looking for copywriting jobs that are flexible and tailored to your specific situation, then you should consider taking a look at FlexJobs.

On the FlexJobs site, you can sort jobs by all kinds of criteria, including location (including remote jobs), time commitment (part-time, freelance, full-time), and very specific categories, like copywriting.

4. ProBlogger

copywriting jobs - problogger

While primarily a job board for bloggers, the Problogger job board does feature some copywriting jobs from time to time.

That’s primarily because the lines between editorial written content and marketing writing are continually being blurred. Occasionally, a blog post is actually a well-disguised piece of marketing, trying to convince a reader to take some sort of commercial action.

If you can masterfully walk the line between editorial and marketing writing, you’ll have no problem finding lucrative copywriting jobs on Problogger.

5. ClearVoice

copywriting jobs - clear voice

Another site you may want to consider when searching for copywriting jobs is ClearVoice. Like the previous site on this list, there are a lot of blogging-related writing jobs on ClearVoice, but because they’re a full-service marketing option, there are also copywriting jobs available.


copywriting jobs - get copywriting jobs

With a name lacking in subtlety, it’s easy to see why GetCopywritingJobs gets included in our list of sites where you can… ahem… get copywriting jobs.

They strive to connect quality companies and clients with copywriting jobs to the right freelancers and writers.

Copywriting Jobs vs. Other Writing Jobs

It’s important to note that copywriting jobs are different from other writing jobs you might find online.

In fact, the art and skill of copywriting is pretty different from just about any other kind of writing.

Copywriting is, put simply, writing for advertising, marketing, or promotional purposes.

Copywriting is often short, to-the-point, and written with a conversion goal in mind such as a sign-up or a sale. This is why copywriting jobs are so abundant and lucrative:

Because clients and companies can pay copywriters good money to produce a high-ROI piece of written material.

The value of copywriting jobs

If, for example, you can produce a sales email that brings in over $100,000 in new business to a company, it’s not unreasonable to charge $1,000 or $5,000 or even $25,000 for those kinds of copywriting jobs.

But you have to deliver.

Just because you’re good at writing, doesn’t mean you’ll naturally be a good copywriter and be a quality candidate for copywriting jobs.

Becoming a good copywriter will take a lot of study, hard work, and practice. Learning what kind of copywriting converts readers into customers is a real science and art—so don’t expect to be perfect at it right away.

Over time, as you prove your value to employers or clients, you’ll be able to apply for and win more lucrative copywriting jobs.

Focusing on copywriting jobs

If you think you may have a future in copywriting, you may want to decide to focus exclusively on finding and securing copywriting jobs from now on.

While many writers try to dabble back and forth between all kinds of remote writing jobs, those who choose to focus will see better results over the long-haul because copywriting, in reality, is more a marketing function than a writing function.

That means, you should study, learn, and perfect your marketing and sales abilities as a writer—as opposed to literary talent, grammar, or sentence structure.

In fact, most of the best copywriters write more like we speak—adapting their copy as cultures change their verbal language (including adding things like emojis) which means copywriting jobs are more about communication than writing too.

How to get your first copywriting jobs

If you’re new to copywriting, I suggest you start small when it comes to finding copywriting jobs.

Because there’s often a lot riding on a copywriting project, companies tend to hire more seasoned copywriters and pay them more.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get started in copywriting by finding a few beginner copywriting jobs to start your career as a copywriter.

Here are a few simple steps I would take to get your first copywriting jobs:

  1. Search the copywriting jobs boards I listed previously in this article.
  2. Identify a few copywriting jobs that pay lower-end fees since the competition will be lower and the client is more likely to go with a beginning copywriter.
  3. Pitch the clients or companies hiring for these copywriting jobs.
  4. Follow-up on your pitches (the majority of gigs are won on the follow-up).
  5. Consider doing pro-bono work in addition to small copywriting jobs in order to gain experience working as a copywriter and build a body of work.

Good luck!

That’s everything I’ve got for now on finding new copywriting jobs. I’ll continue to add to this list as I’m made aware of new sites with copywriting jobs.

For now, get out there and work hard. Before you know it, you’ll have your first copywriting job and soon you’ll be on the right track toward success.

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